Thursday, May 19, 2016

4 Things Not To Say Or Do To Someone Who Suffers From Migraines

Personally I suffer from chronic migraine, meaning I have them more often than people with regular migraines. To make a quick story short it went to shit last year and I'm currently trying to make it somewhat steady again thanks to medicine and better painkillers, I'm getting there :)

But we're not here for me to bring up my whole damn migraine story so let's get to the point, shall we?

"It's just a headache."
There is nothing "just" about a migraine. If it were "just a headache" they would call it a really bad headache but they don't. For a very good reason.

Sticking up a scent in their face that
you know triggers their migraine.
It's disrespectful and so very fucking rude! If you know a certain perfume, candle or any kind of scent triggers someones migraine...Keep it away or stay away.

Why don't you try ___?!
Personally I've suffered from migraines since my early teens. I am a migraine veteran in other words. This means I've tried...everything. And I keep trying everything I come across. If I'm not doing the common ways to help with a migraine it's because I know they wont work on me.

Move around/Do something and you'll feel better.
No. Noooo. Distraction can help ease most pain related things, this is true. But with a migraine it 9 out of 10 times actually makes it worse. If someone is in the final stage of the painful part of their migraine then leave them the fuck alone. If they're laying in a dark room with a closed door no matter the hour of the day it's because it's all they can do, for real.

Do you suffer from migraines?
What are some things that makes you frustrated that people say or do?

Friday, May 13, 2016

3 Things You Can Do The Night Before To Have Better Mornings

Pick your outfit the night before.
This so much. Well if you're a clothes freak like me and love 100% of your wardrobe then this is a life saver! I always pick my outfit the day/night before and it saves me so much time because then I just have to grab what I picked and I'm all good. If you, like me, live in a country that has weather that can change super fast then also have a plan b hehe. Or just some clothing item you can add/switch if the weather would change overnight. Sweden is a bitch when it comes to weather, it doesn't know the meaning of the word steady.

Another quick side note on this topic is your favs. We all have them, kitties. Those outfits that always fits and feels damn amazing. So what if you wore it last week and the week before that? If it's clean then put it on! Important thing is that you feel comfy and fucking fabulous!

Prepare everything that you can.
Bring your own homemade lunch to school/work? Have a backpack in need of filling? Know what you're gonna have for breakfast? Then prepare all you can the night before! Pre-pack your lunch so you just have to put it in your bag. Pre-pack your bag with all the things you can. If possible prepare your breakfast so you can just easily put it together in the morning. You can never be too prepared and unless it's food that will get spoilt or if you need a certain item before leaving, why not pre-pack etc?

Go to bed a decent time.
I'm a night owl and I struggle with this so much. My brain kickstarts after like 9PM and keeps being at it's peek until like 2-3AM. This happens even on my workdays and I get up between 5-6AM! But I have forced myself to at least turn everything off and head to bed at a decent time, even if I just stay in bed listening to music etc until I fall asleep. It leaves me feeling much more rested the next morning since it's like meditation before sleep. If it helps then put an alarm on your phone to remind you it's time for bed.

What do you do to make your mornings better and less stressful?

Saturday, May 7, 2016

3 Questions I Get A Lot + Answers

Being online, like having a blog or social media comes with getting questions. So I thought I'd pick out 3 of them I'm used to getting several times every week (some of them daily) and answer them here in my blog. If you're curious about something else, just ask! :)

Where do you find your leggings?
As most of you probably know by now my nerdy leggings are not from Black Milk. They are copies indeed! And I find these lovely babies over on Ebay :) They don't have BM copies of all their leggings etc but they do have a pretty big selection of them, and they are a whole lot cheaper too. I'm planning on posting a "Buy My Leggings" post very soon so if you're wondering of a certain kind, let me know below.

Where do you do your nails/What fake nails do you use?
I don't. I do my nails myself, at home usually in my couch in front of Netflix or YouTube. And when I have a little more nail artsy design I mostly use nail decals. Personally I use water decals because I think they last a whole lot better than nail stickers. Just head on over to Ebay and browse after it. If you are after something specific then just add it to the search words.

About the fake nails that I use, once again I don't haha! My nails, even when they are super duper long, are 100% my own nails. They grow strong and pretty fast. What's kind of funny is that the few times I do use fake nails (I do if I fall for a design etc) I actually have to cut my own down big time. I usually cut them down and start over when they get in the way, meaning I can't type properly etc haha.

Are you really the age you say you are?
Yes. For you who don't know my exact age it's 28, I'm turning 29 in November this year, so I am closing in fast on the 30 year mark hehe. But yes I am indeed 28 years old meaning I was indeed born year 1987. I am well aware that I don't look my age since I get reminded daily irl but I'm totally fine with that :) Age is just a number and you will never be "old" unless you make it so yourself.