Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Games I Own But Haven't Gamed Yet

I am currently on my yearly summer vacation off work, meaning 4 weeks where I'm free as a bird. And like every year ever since I bought my first Playstation I game. A lot. I go to bed like 5AM every damn day yo.

I am currently hooked on The Division again and I'm running around in the DZ zone like there's no tomorrow. So all the games I planned on finally gaming during these four weeks haven't been gamed, as usual. So I thought a Games I Own But Haven't Gamed Yet post was due.

This is in a Games I Want To Play post that I posted over two years ago. I own this game. And I fucking love Alien but I haven't gotten around to gaming it yet. What is wrong with meeee? This is probably the most shocking one out of the three games in this post.

Newest released game by Betheseda. A game I pre-booked and skipped on down to Gamestop being really excited to finally get my hands on it. Have I installed it and checked it out? No, it's still in the plastic. I do this a lot. Mainly because I'm always all "Just gonna game this a bit..." and a bit doesn't exist in my world when it comes to gaming.

This game is in the same post that I mentioned related to Alien: Isolation. I bought it on Steam during their Christmas sale 2014 but I haven't gamed it yet. Probably because I hate gaming on my PC...So I should buy it for my Playstation and maybe I'll finally get around to gaming it.

What games do you own but haven't gotten to gaming yet?
Because I sure fucking hope I'm not alone in doing this...

I usually know if I'm going to game it straight away or not when buying it but I am one of those people who want to own a game that I know that I really wanna game. So that if I want to jump into it in the middle of the night, I can. I know you can purchase and download games through PSN Store but I'm a memory hoarder. Memory space is precious shit and I do not waste it if I can help it. It's gold, baby!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

10 Quick Planning Tips!

  1. Use washi tape to make flags, layer and so much more. Just folding it and cutting is an easy way to make a flag (or an arrow).
  2. Save loads of money by buying stickers and washi tape etc on sites like Ebay or Ali Express.
  3. Pre-plan with help of sticky notes. It's great if you like me enjoy to use a permanent pen and stickers while planning.
  4. Fill empty spots out with motivational quotes or decorate it with cute stickers.
  5. Want some color in your journal? Why not skip your regular black pen and use one with a little color?
  6. In need of inspiration? There are loads, loaaads, of Plan With Me videos on YouTube!
  7. Since we're on the inspiration seeking part, Instagram is awesome. Why not have a little planningspo in your feed?
  8. Decorate your planner with washi tape? Use a credit card (or any kind of card in that form) to rip off the edge easily and straight.
  9. Printable stickers. If you have a printer, why not print out some stickers for your planner? If you plan in a style that allows you to put in your own planner inserts there are loads of those too.
  10. Hand lettering. There are many techniques that are real easy to do when it comes to hand lettering stuff. Check out YouTube and I'm sure you'll find more than one way to make it a little something extra.

If you want to read more planner related posts, check these two out!

Monday, July 3, 2017

10 Quick Random Facts About Me #2

I wrote my first 10 Quick Random Facts About Me post back in July last year so I thought closing in on the one year mark for that one that it's time to write another one.

  1. I love to write! And I don't just mean blog posts. I write a lot and have since my teens. Because I love it but also because it helps me cope with my mental health etc.
  2. During a normal week I spend at least 28 hours gaming, meaning 4 hours every day. Some weeks it's less and some it's a hell of a lot more. 
  3. I am not a big fan of the Holidays. Only one I actually do want to celebrate is Halloween and I do even that one at home! Halloweek is one of the best damn weeks of the whole year yo!
  4. I keep my nerdy clothes in a separate closet. Because geeky leggings and tops are taking over my home...Please don't send help, it's okay because I will die happy.
  5. I was born on Friday The 13th. So my parents always says that it's a "lucky day" in our family.
  6. I obsess super hard, super fast especially when it comes to nerdy stuff like characters.
  7. If I could have any pet, real or fantasy, I would have a Xenomorph. Yes the alien from the Alien movies. Love dragons, obsessed with unicorns but give me a Xenomorph.
  8. I'm a obsessive gamer. Like for real, I'm fucking serious. I hit critical obsessive level fast if I enjoy a game and can re-game it over and over aaaaaand over.
  9. I don't feel comfy anxiety vise if I don't got something nerdy on so if I wear an outfit that's not I always have nerd related underwear or a necklace on. It doesn't have to be showing to calm my not-so-normal nerves down.
  10. My two favorite foods are pizza and sushi. I never seem to get tired of those two.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Guest Post: Why I'm A Sam-Girl

Hi! I got asked by my beautiful and talented babysister to write in her blog as a guest.
I am everybit the nerd she is (who do you think introduced her to the world of fangirling?)
Also, my husband is getting a bit sick and tired of having to be my outlet when I get into a ramblingmode...

Spoiler Warning!
This post contains spoilers and if you haven't watched up to at least
Season 5 of Supernatural you will get spoilers. You've been warned!

Some of the reasons why I'm a Sam-girl.

So, I've been watching Supernatural from the get go and I wouldn't call myself anything other than a die-hard fan. People in my vicinity would fully agree...I'm a 34-year old fangirl. But above that, I'm a Sam-girl.

Here are some reason's why.

In season 1 Sam shows us that he, despite having been brought up in a dysfunctional family (to say the least), can stand on his own two legs. He broke free, followed his dream and made a life for himself. I've never seen it as a betrayal towards Dean. It's normal for a family to encourage it's younger members to fly solo, not normal to bitch and moan about it...

He never feels sorry for himself. In season 2 when his visions hit even harder, sure he's scared, but never searching for pity. He stands tall. This season also has the episode "Heart"...and my own heart will never be the same after having watched Sam do what has to be done...

In season 3 and the whole mess with Dean having sold his soul to save Sam, he never ever gives up searching for answers to save his brother from hell.

In season 4 we see him from a whole other angle. Letting loose his demons. Walking the edge. Showing us the darkness buried deep inside. He has his heart in the right place but circumstance and bitches with black eyes lead him down the wrong path. But I still love him.

In season 5 he never tries to make excuses for what he's done. He faces the consequences full on. This season has a scene with him and Dean that actually sum's up why I'm not a fan of Dean. In the end of "Sam, interrupted" (ep11) Sam reveals how he really is feeling on the inside. If my sibling came to me with all of that I would set aside everything and just listen for a while. Dean's response is: "'re gonna take all that crap and you're gonna bury it. You're gonna forget about it! 'Cause that's how we keep goin'..." The look on Sam's face breaks my heart every single time. But he stays with his brother. In this season it seems as if everyone is forgetting about the fact that Sam's struggling. We mostly get to see Dean's struggle with his emotions. And it honestly pisses me off.

I could list the rest of the seasons one by one, but I'll likely start to ramble. So here's a summary:
He breaks, puts himself together, grow stronger, struggle with himself, struggle with the world, breaks again, looses himself, finds himself, looses his brother, tries his best to move on, gets his brother back, is blamed for having left said brother behind (when all he did was trying to stay alive).

He is also left behind, betrayed by his brother and forgives.

He is a badass, he is smart, a fierce lover and a good friend.
He knows what he wants. He also knows what he has.
Oh, and he fought the devil and won...

He is pure. He is light. He is darkness. (Now I'm getting all sappy...)
I could go on...but I wont.

So there you have it. The ramblings of a Sam-girl(woman).

Monday, June 26, 2017

100 Something More Movies To Watch

There are so many watch worthy movies out there so I decided to give you another list. Do you enjoy them? Do you wish them to keep on coming? I actually decided to make this one in alphabetical order. Mainly because my OCD could not deal with that shit...I might go back and edit previous posts too because damn.

But this isn't a post about my mental health so here's 100 Something More Movies To Watch!