Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New Show: Arrow

So I've tried two times before this one to watch Arrow, hit episode three and was all "The hell is this..." but I gave it another try because I thought that if so many people that have the same taste as me when it comes to shows watch it must be on to something right? I'm now about half through S1 and I freaking love it! Gives me the Smallville feels and I kind of am getting in the mood to re-watch that.

Arrow is one of many shows, well was, that I have piled up wanting to watch but haven't gotten around to yet. I try to keep my currently airing shows to a small amount since I put a lot of energy into my shows. It doesn't work to have too many shows and a work + social life for me, it just doesn't.
Do you watch Arrow? What do you think?


  1. I fucking LOVE Arrow, it's so amazing!

    1. It's awesome! I wanna do a fem cosplay D: *slaps self*