Sunday, January 25, 2015


I have moved here from my past blog after having thought of it for a very long time. I have missed the Blogger platform ever since I changed a few years ago so I thought why not change back now that I'm buying and setting up my own domain? So that's what I did.

For you who have followed me for some time, the show will go on as usual! Only it will happen here instead of the past blog. Also it will be in English only now...and yes.

For you who are new here and just stumbled over this place...
I'm Kitten and I'm a 20 something crazy fangirl, born and still located in Sweden. I run a daily life blog, with fashion and other things that falls in my love category, I just do it with a fangirly touch to it.

Still have a few kinks to work out (like I only got the custom domain part half right LOL but no worries) but it'll be a quick fix, hopefully. Working on updating the url on my bloglovin' account, hopefully it'll be fixed soon to the new one.

Also sorry in advance if things change like hell around here, like the layout. It will be a bumpy ride for a little while :)


  1. Ser jättebra ut! Jahapp, då får jag lov att ändra din blogg-länk som är från min blogg, annars kommer jag glömma bort vart du håller hus :P <3

    1. Tack! Hehe jao kändes som det var dags för nästa steg ^^