Friday, February 27, 2015

3 Sites That I Use For My Blog!

3 Sites That I Use For My Blog #blogging #blogging101 #bloghelp

I use Polyvore pretty much every week. I make my Wednesday Wishlist using Polyvore. It's quick and easy plus you can get nifty linking all ready to go through their sharing part!

I think 99,9% know of this site by now even if they don't use it! I love it. It's in my opinion the best inspiration site online. You can organize your boards in categories of you choice. Some of my boards is Blogging 101, Fangirl Closet and DIYing.

Alright this one I use for my Twitter only at the moment. But these days social media sites is connected to your blog. It's great to keep that Twitter feed flowing! But you can connect it to more sites such as Facebook and Google+. And best of all, it's free which isn't usual for sharing sites like this.

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