Sunday, February 1, 2015

3 Tips To Keep Your Blog Flow Going

I myself have a full time job and finding a balance between a daily blog and work/school can sometimes be hard if anything stressful. So I've put down 3 little tips that I use a lot myself to keep both me and the blog happy. Also remember to take a break sometime now and then. You deserve it!3 Tips To Keep Your Blog Flow Going #blogging101 #blogging #bloggingtips

Schedule Posts!
If you have a full time job, study or just for some other reason can't sit day in and day out with your blog then scheduling things, like your posts, is a life saver! If you are on Blogger you can get a link to your scheduled post so you can go right on over to scheduling a linked post on your Twitter, Facebook or any other site.

Write down ideas!
If you get a post idea then write it down in either a notebook or your cellphone. I know many today use their phone and why shouldn't they with all the apps that is available today! I myself prefer to write by hand when it comes to this so I have too many notebooks because I am notebook crazy.

If you get a post flowing around in your brain and have the time, sit down and write it down even if it's just a part of it. And when you get back you have some of the work done already, sometimes it's just a photo for the post that's missing.

What do you do to keep your blog flow going?


  1. Bra tips! För mig personligen så skriver jag bara det jag vill skriva, speciellt när man vill skriva av sig. Jag ser min blogg mer som en dagbok, typ något att titta igenom om tio år och minnas vad man gjorde då liksom :) Annars så kör jag VÄLDIGT mycket med utkast, timade inlägg och skriver ner ideér i anteckingsboken (har också typ tusen olika anteckningsböcker för olika ändamål haha). Eftersom jag är så film/serie-nördig så blir det ju MASSOR av sådana inlägg också haha. bra tips :)

    1. Tack! Min blogg brukade vara mer så innan jag nishade till mig...Just nu är det mest fangirly stuff för mina dagar ser i princip likadana ut då jag jobbar så mycket haha.