Sunday, February 8, 2015

Monthly Goals: February

Organize + Decorate your work space.
It's always a mess on my desk + work space. Where I do most of my blog work along with shop work, jewelry making etc. It's time to get real and organize it! Put up some stuff behind on the wall. Make it me and make it a space that keeps on inspiring me.

Go through all my jewelry supplies.
I need to go through it, get rid of what I don't need and will never ever use. Then organize it better and in a way it's not out in the open all the time.

Get back on Instagram.
I have had such a down time there for the past few months! And I really need to get back on there because I do miss it.

Drink more water.
I seriously need to drink more water. I drink way less than you're suppose to every day and need to get better.

What are your goals in February?