Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sick Listed

Like the title said I'm sick listed. For two weeks to start with and if needed more after that. Hopefully I'll be allowed to go back to work after two weeks, then stepping it up in time until I reach full time again.

My health issue that started almost two months ago has taken all my energy and I've lost a lot of weight during it since I've not been able to eat as much as I need or move around. I just reached a point where I just did not get the chance to collect energy or anything. Since I choose work over myself. Meaning I would work a full day without eating (to avoid getting an attack so I had to go home).
I've also been going through a lot of blood tests and examinations. I am just in a really really bad shape at the moment so for once I put myself first and allowed the doctors to sick list me to avoid getting a longer sick listing. It's very mentally hard for me to being sick listed since I've spent a large part of my life being that already.

They don't know 100% what's wrong yet. My whole stomach is badly inflamed so I'm eating medicine for that daily now but they suspect it's not the problem, more like a result of whatever is going on but I wont know for sure until I'm done eating the pills I got. To be continued I suppose...

For me the biggest thing to deal with is the amount of weight I've lost. I have a super high metabolism and it took me over 5 years to reach a weight I started to feel satisfied with...and now it's all gone in a blink of an eye. It was really painful seeing how much I had lost during the first month.