Friday, February 13, 2015

The Evil Within

This is what I've been doing during my free time this week besides watching Arrow! I've been feeling frustrated with my health issue and between ultrasounds and taking blood test for example I have not been a very happy kitty this week. So I've escaped the world and gamed.
The Evil Within
I bought this game way back in October but I still haven't finished it. One reason being I got stuck for a while getting so upset I stopped gaming it for a month lol. But also because it is perfect for days like today. I don't know why but when I have a day where I feel frustrated of life, depressed and shit I always hit the horror category. Like watching The Collector or The Collection (which I did earlier this week).
The Evil Within Gore
I really love this game, it's one of my top favorites for sure. The gameplay is great but I do mostly walk around inspecting every details of the design. Getting inspiration for my living room hehe. What can I say, I'm a gore loving kitty! :)