Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Last Unicorn Home DIY Inspo

The Last Unicorn has been my all time favorite movie since I was six years old, so over 20 years now. It's very close to my heart and I love that story so much. Even if it's sad that I could relate so much in such a young age, it's helped me a lot. I found these two amazing silhouette portrait from Shadow Studio. I need to make my own version of these to put on the wall next to each other.The Last Unicorn Home DIY Inspo #thelastunicorn #diy #interior #unicorn


  1. Fin din "nya" blogg har blivit. Lite jobbigt att du skriver enbart på engelska nu. Man måste ju "tänka" när man läser, ha, ha

    1. Tack! :) Haha jo det blev så till slut :) Jag fungerar bättre med engelska än svenska personligen så trivs bättre med det ^^

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