Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Do You Lovelies Want A Give Away?

I went back to work yesterday and it was awesome! Feels amazing to be back and I find it hard to keep my calm because I feel so motivated lol. But I am keeping as calm as I can because I know if I don't my tummy will give me hell and I risk getting sick listed part time which I don't want.
After work I went and bought bunny food, did a little food shopping for me and then paid bills for the month. You know "grown up" have to do stuff like that hehe.

I'm thinking of hosting a Give Away later this week! Something from my shop. To celebrate I'm back at work and all that skizzle :) Would that be fun, lovelies?


  1. Giveaway låter ju inte helt fel, speciellt inte med tanke på hur nöjd jag är med mitt senaste köp från din hemsida! =)

    1. Vad kul du är nöjd med ditt köp! :D Om minnet inte sviker mig så var det prints du beställde va? :)