Saturday, March 21, 2015

Tartan Skirt and Appointments

Yesterday I went to my appointment at the dietist. Where I had a talk and to get some tips to help me along the way during my recovery from my stomach issues. I am already doing pretty much everything that I'm suppose to but I got her number in case I need more help along the way.After I was done there I walked into town and visited hubby at work. I feel more motivated since I found out I'm allowed to go back to work on Monday. I'm meeting him up today as well, we're gonna have a movie night with tacos and cuddles! What are you up to this weekend, lovelies?


  1. Du är så jävla söt! :D Skönt att höra att du börjar känna dig bättre :)

    1. Meow! Du'rå faktiskt! :D Tack, känns skönt det går åt rätt håll :) !!