Monday, March 30, 2015

The Joker On Crack With A Touch of Loki

During the weekend I was in town with hubby on Saturday and yesterday there was Sunday fun at his place! Involving me and my sister taking over his kitchen while she cut and dyed my hair hehe. Still haven't posted a photo of how it turned out, mostly because I think it's fun when people are curious but I'm sure one will be up soon but there's a mix of colors in there :D Kind of like The Joker on crack with a touch of Loki.

It's Monday and we've never played well together but the office is gonna be over full because people are coming to work with us today that is usually in other towns so it's gonna be fun! Later on I'm hoping I'll still have energy left to go to the archery range.


  1. Spännande med håret! Själv funderar jag på att gå från grönt till blått ^^