Friday, April 24, 2015

5 Blog Tools I Use (a lot)!

5 Blog Tools I Use (a lot)! #Blogging #Bloggingtips #Blogging101 Canva
I've known about this site for a long time but just started using it about two weeks ago. And I love it! I mean yes I do use Photoshop as well but this site is so amazing and it saves you time like crazy. And who doesn't enjoy a time saver?

Notebooks & Notepads
I am one of those who can't walk pass a lovely notebook without buying it. It's an obsession seriously haha. I prefer writing down lists by hand along with ideas. I mean checking off a To Do list by hand is very satisfying and make you feel amazing.

My Phone
I think most Bloggers use their phone daily by now. All the apps for social media etc. But I also find it handy to take quick photos during the day. I only have my big camera and I really need to look into and invest in a smaller digital camera I can bring with me anytime.

As mention further above I use Photoshop as well. I mostly use this to make prints and jewelry designs these days along with photo editing. And making posts like eBay tips etc of course! :)

Google Calendar
I am in love. Best calendar online according to me! You can divide up sections for different parts of your life and decide what you want to view during the time, which reduces the stress if you ask me. On my blogging section I have everything from when to post to tweet chats I want to join if I'm home. Giving me a reminder with the time I choose for the notifications (usually 15 min before). I also have a standard email every morning that sends me what's on the agenda for that day, loving it!

What tools do you use a lot?


  1. I've actually never heard of Canva before, need to check it out :D
    xx Izzy |

    1. It's amazing! Super easy and the result looks super professional! ^^

  2. never heard of Canva either, will check it out! I often use picmonkey when I don't have acess to photoshop or the time to open photoshop =)

    1. I've tried Picmonkey a few times but never took a liking to it x) But Canva is love <3 Hope you like! :D

  3. I've never heard of Canva, but it sounds interesting I'll definitely be checking it out x

    1. It's great! :) Especially if you have limited time or can't access Photoshop etc ^^
      xx Kitten