Thursday, April 9, 2015

8 Things That Make Me Happy

8 Things That Make Me Happy
Oliver Queen The Bunny
Far from a thing but a someone. My little angel, my everything and my heart. This little bunny means the world to me. Just coming home meeting him all happy that his mommy his home makes my heart melt. He takes care of me when I'm ill and when I'm just having a bad day. Giving me cuddles and kisses making sure I'm alright if I cry.

I am such a coffee addict lol. If someone asks me if I want coffee I just shine up like a super nova nodding like a little child.

Those movies you've waited a life time for
Fangirls know what I mean. That super happy buzz you get especially when you're finally gonna watch that movie you heard would be made years before.

I love long walks and I walk pretty much everywhere. If it's below 2 hours of walking I walk instead of taking the bus etc most of the time. Blasting your current favorite Spotify playlist and just walk is amazing.

He's my hubby and I love him so much. He always encourage me and looks after me. I shine up like the sun meeting him and most of the time just run jumping up in his arms hehe.

Walking around shopping your ass off and come home with two handful of bags...mmm...or just eBaying after a really bad day...oh yes.

Snail Mail
I love sending it and receiving it. Putting together little packages and write a letter. Getting one being like a little girl again some how. It's not as usual like when I was younger so you get this awesome nostalgic feeling!

My Family
I love my family, they have been my rock through very hard times so many times. And I mean not just my blood family but my extended family I've found on the way through life during the years. Family Don't End With Blood as Bobby Singer said!

What makes you happy?


  1. This is such a lovely post, it really made me smile! I agree with all the things on the list, but for my versions (like I would have to swap the bunny for my cat, Charlie and so on, hehe) <3


    1. Thank you! Happy that you enjoyed it so much :) xxx