Saturday, April 18, 2015


I meant to get a clothing item from Jared's first Always Keep Fighting campaign but getting sick listed etc didn't allow me to do so (since it means less salary etc).  But now both my boys are going together on a new campaign with a new top! All money will go to different organizations that can use a "little" push! In other words the #AlwaysKeepFighting Campaign continues.
I have struggled and still struggle daily with mental health issues. I have lost and almost lost people very close to me because of this as well. I'm not saying go and buy because I know that not everyone can but give it a share to pass it further. Get the word out there even more.

I don't think that people outside the #SPNFamily truly understands how much of a family it is. The show itself is amazing but the love and support in the fandom family, along with it's cast, is amazing and gives me hope for the humanity. There been more than one time I've felt like giving up but also felt I have had no where to turn irl and this fandom family saved me when I thought my life meant nothing.

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