Wednesday, May 20, 2015

3 Random Facts About Me

3 Random Facts About Me
  1. Not that woah over Star Wars. I've seen the movies and like...Yes Darth Vader is kick ass and the ewoks are adorable but they are so boring haha! Not a huge fan all in all with the whole out in space phew phew theme. There's a few that stuck to me, like Firefly etc, but just no.
  2. I have a permanent bump on my forehead. I'm clumsy so naturally I was a clumsy kid. Hit my head really bad when I was like eight maybe. And almost 20 years later I still have a bump on my head lol. But you can't really tell it's there unless you look for it. I think...
  3. Not a morning person. I can get up early and get shit done, like work days etc, but I will never in my life be a morning person. Hand me a cup of coffee and back away. No, just back away and let me grab my coffee and stay away.

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