Tuesday, May 12, 2015

50 Things To Be Happy About

50 Things To Be Happy About
  1. Movie marathons.
  2. The perfect smoothie.
  3. Morning coffee.
  4. Happy memories.
  5. Meeting someone you haven't met for ages.
  6. Snail mail.
  7. Sending snail mail.
  8. Strawberries.
  9. When Spring arrives waking up nature.
  10. When Spring turns into Summer.
  11. Photo walks.
  12. When all those eBay packages starts to arrive.
  13. Discovering new favorite things.
  14. When one of your favorite shows has a new season premiere.
  15. Picnics.
  16. Eating your favorite food.
  17. Cuddles.
  18. Meeting new friends, online and IRL.
  19. Finishing a project you never thought you'd finish.
  20. Shopping.
  21. Traveling.
  22. Road-trips even if it's to that town close to your own.
  23. That actor/actress you admire so much finally comes out with something new.
  24. Marsh-mellow lollipops.
  25. A new hair cut or hair color.
  26. Lazy days.
  27. Buying something you've saved up to buy.
  28. Netflix.
  29. Payday.
  30. Popcorn at the movies.
  31. Putting on your pajama once you get home.
  32. Freshly washed hair.
  33. Long walks in the forest.
  34. Eating ice cream in the sun.
  35. Your favorite outfit.
  36. Disney movies.
  37. Childhood movies in general.
  38. A cold drink on a hot day.
  39. DIYing.
  40. Sitting down in the couch after a really long day.
  41. Take out in the middle of the week.
  42. Planning a trip.
  43. Shoes that feels like they were made for you.
  44. A good hair day.
  45. Waking up right before your alarm goes off so you can turn it off.
  46. Long baths.
  47. Sleeping in clean fresh sheets.
  48. Rewatching your favorite show(s).
  49. Having a extra day off.
  50. Photo booths.


  1. ja!! det gäller verkligen att tänka på dom små sakerna här i livet som kan göras så stora.

    1. Ja! Det gör det lite lättare att härda sig igenom.