Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hello Darlings.

I just want to sit down and give you a little update, or an explanation as to why I'm not that active right now, without going into too much detail etc.

This year so far (well since October last year) has been harsh. I'm not saying it's worse than anyone else but it is my life and it has been difficult mixed with health problems and other personal problems which has left me with very little energy. So I've had more than one mental breakdown.

I'm just...really, really unhappy right now. I've struggled with depression etc for most part of my life and I've had more than one bad turn in my life because of it. But right now it's worse than it's ever been and I'm thanking my lucky star that I have a therapist since a few years back that can help me.

This very moment I keep all around me at a distance and am letting no one near me. Because a lot of things I've worked on, fought to break, when it comes to myself are back to square one. But also, and mostly, because I need time to just pick up the pieces of myself and see a good road to take in life.

Which is why I've fallen off the face of earth because I'm in too much pain to hardly do anything and being the person that I am I put the very little energy I have left towards work. Because in many ways it feels like the only thing I have left is my job.

I'm not writing this to get attention, neither am I writing this to get sympathy. I am writing this because I have followers since years back and I know that you worry. Also I'm hoping that if I take the cat out of the bag it will be easier to update the blog because it's been an anxious task due to me knowing that you don't know how bad things have been and how much worse they are right now.

I hope that you all are doing well, my darlings.
Stay Strong & Always Keep Fighting.
xoxo, Kitten.


  1. I'm a pretty new reader of your blog since a few months back and I hardly comment on posts (I'm a bit shy) but I really felt that I wanted to write a few words here. First of all - when I first found your blog I was mesmerized and it immediately became my top favorite. You write so well and I find every post very interesting! Which is also kind of why I'm writing this. Because I'm going through something very similar to what you're describing... depression is a hard thing to deal with and it's been really tough for me lately but I have gotten so much energy and inspiration from reading your blog and it has helped me a lot (link love = love!). So I want to thank you for that, and hope that you can feel my gratitude through the screen. I also hope things light up for you soon and know that you are not alone in this. Stay strong! *hugs*

    1. You have no idea how much this means <3! Thank you so much for your kind words and for coming out of your shy corner to write it all down <3! I am very happy my blog helps you since one of my main goals is to make a place for people to stop by and feel happy etc! I hope things light up for you soon as well, stay strong and lots of hugs! <3