Sunday, October 25, 2015

3 Random Facts About Me #2

3 Random Facts About Me #2
  1. I never finished school. Those three years in Sweden when you get an education and the grades that really count I spent sick listed. I did try very hard to stay in school but my depression was to critical and it was a matter of survival back then so I chose life over school. Also I got a health problem that nearly killed me one of those three sick-listings. But I'm doing just fine :)
  2. People often mistake me for shy. Or being a stuck up bitch. I have social anxiety (hate using the word suffer since I work hard on not letting it control me) meaning it takes time before I feel comfortable around new people. Before that happens I am indeed the quiet creepy girl in the corner looking like she wants to either kill someone or run away.
  3. I'm a messy person. I truly am. My apartment looks like a bomb went off in it throwing stuff around more often than it looks 100% tidy. And the reason for that is because I suck on so many levels to put stuff away. If I do something crafty I'll be all "I'll put it away later!" and do I? No! Really need to straighten myself out...

Friday, October 23, 2015

3 Horror Marathons I have during October!

Being the huge horror lover that I am, I watch horror all year around but during October I hardly watch anything else besides my shows. These are 3 of the horror marathons I have during the month of October each year!

These horror posts involving favorites is bound to have repeats because I stick to my favorites, yes I am that kind of fangirl. Some are spread over weekends because let's face it, I'm not young anymore.

A Nightmare On Elm Street #horror #halloween I LOVE Freddy, he is my favorite killer since...always! These movies will forever be a huge favorite when it comes to horror. I have lost count of how many times I've watched them all but I still love them so very much.

Scream #horror #halloween
Scream is my favorite horror movie series made by Wes Craven (R.I.P) so I need myself a Screamathon each year around Halloween! I have at least 2-3 every year with these movies (along with the first on the list) to be honest because it is so damn good!

Laid To Rest #horror #halloween
These movies are not that "out there" but a lot of people have still heard of them. I can understand why they are not so super loved, but I love them. Yes it's bad acting among most of the cast, sadly, but the killer is A+ and the killings are to die for hehe. I love my torture movies.

What do you watch during October?
Do you have any horror marathons?

Sunday, October 18, 2015

My Personal Planner

Yes, I went and made myself a personal planner! And I am slowly sinking into the planner nerd part of life. How can one not with all the adorable planner stickers over on Etsy? Still a newbie but it's fun and making something that can be so boring fun motivates you! Thinking of all the must-do in life.
My Personal Planner
Getting the chance to design your own front and back I of course went along and made mine zombie inspired. The front being my favorite quote from The Last of Us and the back being a Daryl Dixon inspired one. I am still working out on how to customize the inside with inserts and etc.

My Personal Planner
I used Personlig Almanacka / Personal Planner to make mine and I highly recommend them! Can't say much about how they are with international orders but I haven't seen any signs from others in UK etc that shows it's bad so.

Friday, October 16, 2015

TV Shows I've Checked Out Lately!

The 100
I didn't expect much from this show since I honestly hadn't heard of it before stumbling across it on Netflix. I like post apocalyptic style so of course I had the check it out. There's only two seasons out so far (season 3 planning on coming next year) so I caught up fast. I love it!

TV Shows I've Checked Out Lately! Scream
Now we all know I'm a huge horror lover and it's also known I'm very picky when it's something that's inspired by my favorite movies or a remake (this isn't a remake). I mean...I don't love it but I don't highly dislike it either, you know? I will for sure keep watching it if a season 2 arrives (haven't even looked that up haha). It's very hard making a slasher themed show but they did a great job.

TV Shows I've Checked Out Lately! Daredevil No, I have not checked it out until now. It's typical of me to just not watch something that is super duper hyped, I usually wait until there's at least one season out and the hype has calmed down (meaning I haven't watched Gotham yet...). I seriously love this show so much. First I was a little "Ok, it's good but what's the damn hype?" and then a few episodes moved along and BAM I got it.

What TV Shows have you checked out lately?

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Halloween isn't that big in Sweden, which will forever break my poor little heart, but I can stalk other sites on the www and drool a little :) Also this year I only buy items that I can use all year around (I have dark decor themed in most part of my home). I mean I could use all of above all year around but if there's anything I don't need more of right now, it's clothes.