Friday, October 16, 2015

TV Shows I've Checked Out Lately!

The 100
I didn't expect much from this show since I honestly hadn't heard of it before stumbling across it on Netflix. I like post apocalyptic style so of course I had the check it out. There's only two seasons out so far (season 3 planning on coming next year) so I caught up fast. I love it!

TV Shows I've Checked Out Lately! Scream
Now we all know I'm a huge horror lover and it's also known I'm very picky when it's something that's inspired by my favorite movies or a remake (this isn't a remake). I mean...I don't love it but I don't highly dislike it either, you know? I will for sure keep watching it if a season 2 arrives (haven't even looked that up haha). It's very hard making a slasher themed show but they did a great job.

TV Shows I've Checked Out Lately! Daredevil No, I have not checked it out until now. It's typical of me to just not watch something that is super duper hyped, I usually wait until there's at least one season out and the hype has calmed down (meaning I haven't watched Gotham yet...). I seriously love this show so much. First I was a little "Ok, it's good but what's the damn hype?" and then a few episodes moved along and BAM I got it.

What TV Shows have you checked out lately?


  1. I LOOOOOVE Daredevil! And you'll probably approve of what I've recently started....The Walking Dead! Kind of a little (okay very) in love with Carol, and also Daryl. They are my favourites. Although Michonne has just appeared a few episodes ago and she is kicking ten kinds of butt which I love!

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

    1. Can't wait for season 2! Hoping Bullseye will be in it! :3
      Walking Dead is one of my absolute favorite shows through all time so of course I highly approve of that! :D It has so much more than "just" zombies :) Daryl and Rick are my two absolute favorites <3 But most (except the bad ones because wow they're really bad people haha) are awesome :D

  2. I watched the entire season of Scream during a rather sleepless night last week, and I kind of agree with you. The show could have potential, but it's not there yet. Will probably keep watching (if there will be a second season?). It was a little bit too much high schoolish and not enough delicious killings. Which I understand, you kind of have to keep the show going with some high school plots and whatnot.

    1. I haven't looked it up about a 2nd season, S1 was popular by what I got so they should have a budget to do it :) You could tell the cast wasn't used to horror haha. Hopefully they'll continue and it evolve :)