Saturday, November 28, 2015

3 Movies I Never Get Tired Of!

You know those movies you have watched so many times you've lost count? But you've watched them so many times that you know the lines by heart? And even if you've watched it two weeks ago you can get a serious craving of doing so again just because something reminds you of a moment?
I sure do and here is a few of mine!

Best dragon movie ever according to me. Hot damn it's good. Not only is Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey oh so ever yummy yum but for being from 2002 the effects are awesome. These days you can be sure that special effects are amazing but back then, not so much.

To be honest I don't know what it is about this one. There are many movies like this movie that I highly enjoy. I mean yes I fucking adore both Karl Urban and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson but they are not as high on the list as others. I watched this movie last week and I watched it again yesterday. And writing about it is actually making me wanna watch it again...I have issues.

This is my newest among these which is kind of funny because I was a bit disappointed when it came out. I mean I enjoyed it but I had waited for 10 years for another Riddick movie and would have liked more. But soon as I got the chance to check out Director's Cut of it BAM BOOM in love up over my ears.

Of course I have movie series that I love and watch at least once or twice every year. Like Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, Pirates of The Caribbean and so on but the movies above I can watch and then watch the next night and not tire of, it's insane!

Do you have any movies like this?


  1. I too have these weird obsession with a couple of movies. "Zombieland" for an example. I sometimes have weeks when I watch Zombieland every single day xD I just frickin' love it so much. There's a lot of other movies too (like Amelie, Penelope, Tucker & Dale vs Evil, wizard of oz etc) but I think I re-watch Zombieland the most of them all :P

    1. Mmmm Zombieland :3 One of the best zombie movies ever! Even if it's more comedy than horror x) Love it! <3
      It's so weird. I mean like Doom of those above I've watched SO many times so I should be tired of it...but you're not x'D