Friday, January 29, 2016

New Show (yes again): Black Sails

Yes...I found two new shows that got me completely obsessed within a month...I am doomed haha! The last one was Dexter and I still haven't finished it, on purpose because once I'm caught up it's over with this one and I don't want it to be over. So I figured that if I check out another new show on Netflix it should be all good.
Black Sails I checked out Black Sails in the end. Because pirates. And it hit me like a Maelstrom! I got sucked right into that fandom so hard I think I did seriously drown, no joke. Now, I have loved pirates since I was a very little girl and that love has stuck with me so I knew I'd enjoy it if it was just a little but I found myself getting yet another new fandom obsession. I'm about two years late into this fandom family but I'm almost caught up and S3 is already on the move with a 4th season coming after that so it's all good.

And yes there is a huge difference between a show that I enjoy and a show I obsess over. Like I enjoy watching an episode of Community now and then but I have to watch my shows like Walking Dead or Supernatural etc or else I will be struck with an anxiety level like there is no tomorrow.

Become obsessed with any shows lately?

Thursday, January 21, 2016

10 Geeky Post Ideas

Thought I'd scribble down and share some geeky post ideas with you kitties! What I also love about geeky posts is that you can from one idea get super many more! For example instead of making just a "Fangirl Wishlist" make a wishlist for a certain movie, show or game etc! Tada, one post idea became many :)

  1. Movies 2016 List.
  2. TV Shows That I've Watched and Finished.
  3. Movies I Never Get Tired Of.
  4. "Geeky Fashion".
  5. TV Shows I'm Currently Following/Watching.
  6. Favorite Book(s).
  7. Try a Geeky DIY and Share.
  8. Tv Shows I've Checked Out Lately.
  9. Fandoms I'm Not A Part Of.
  10. Favorite Movie(s).

If you end up using one of these post ideas please link me! I would love to see what others made of it and it's always awesome to find fellow fangirls/boys out in the world.

Monday, January 4, 2016

7 Things I Like To Do During My Morning Coffee

I actually have two hours of work in the morning at home before I head off to the office but on the little free time I have on workdays along with days off this is what I end up doing...
  1. Catch up on YouTube.
  2. Watch scrapbook process videos.
  3. Write while listening to music.
  4. Prepare blog post etc.
  5. Browse Ebay.
  6. Do my make up + hair for the day.
  7. Browse Pinterest.
Of course it's one of the above I end up doing.
Well on days off I do more hehe.
I love to just sit for hours and hours cuddled up with my coffee.