Thursday, January 21, 2016

10 Geeky Post Ideas

Thought I'd scribble down and share some geeky post ideas with you kitties! What I also love about geeky posts is that you can from one idea get super many more! For example instead of making just a "Fangirl Wishlist" make a wishlist for a certain movie, show or game etc! Tada, one post idea became many :)

  1. Movies 2016 List.
  2. TV Shows That I've Watched and Finished.
  3. Movies I Never Get Tired Of.
  4. "Geeky Fashion".
  5. TV Shows I'm Currently Following/Watching.
  6. Favorite Book(s).
  7. Try a Geeky DIY and Share.
  8. Tv Shows I've Checked Out Lately.
  9. Fandoms I'm Not A Part Of.
  10. Favorite Movie(s).

If you end up using one of these post ideas please link me! I would love to see what others made of it and it's always awesome to find fellow fangirls/boys out in the world.


  1. I think I may have to write a favourite movies post and unleash my inner geek!

    Alice |

    1. It's never a bad time to unleash your inner geek, go for it! :D
      xoxo Kitten

  2. I really like a few of these post ideas, so I might use one or two at some point! :)

    1. Happy you find it useful! ^^ Have fun :)
      xoxo Kitten