Sunday, February 28, 2016

Arrow + The Flash + Legends of Tomorrow = Do I need to watch them all?

I've been following Arrow for over a year and I jumped on Legends of Tomorrow when that started on Netflix and now I've jumped on The Flash. So I can finally answer what so many people have been asking me since I started with Arrow: Do I need to watch them all?

First of all there's no "I have to" when it comes to the fandom worlds and that is one of many things that is awesome. And secondly, this is my own personal opinion and doesn't have to apply to everyone.

Arrow + The Flash + Legends of Tomorrow = Do I need to watch them all?
I can tell you right now that there is at least 2 Arrow episodes that will confuse the fuck out of you if you do not watch The Flash. Because when they say it's crossover, dude they fucking mean it. Part 1 of 2 is in Arrow/The Flash and they have part 2 in the other show. And they start where they left off like it was the same show it started in. Confusing? It can be until you watch it but believe me those 2 crossover episodes are even more confusing because I remember sitting there being like "Did I miss an episode?!".

Arrow + The Flash + Legends of Tomorrow = Do I need to watch them all?
Moving on to Legends of Tomorrow. I suppose it can be a bit confusing if you haven't watched Arrow or The Flash, mostly The Flash, since many of the characters are introduced in those shows. If you on the other hand, like me, have grown up with DC comics then you already know them and it's less confusing.

So my answer to the question?
If you want the full badass experience then yes, you'll need to watch all of them.
But if you for example only want to watch Arrow and can handle the extreme confusion
when those crossover episodes come on then no.
Arrow + The Flash + Legends of Tomorrow = Do I need to watch them all?
But I do recommend them all from my very heart. I highly enjoy all of them and I'm extremely happy that someone finally was brave enough to hop on the crossover train and they are doing an AMAZING job too. Marvel may be dominating the movie world but DC is dominating the shit out of the TV world.

Arrow + The Flash + Legends of Tomorrow = Do I need to watch them all?
Also I know this post gets a little bit confusing here and there but I didn't want to give you any examples on the story line. Because everyone don't know most of everything when it comes to comics. And I do my best to keep this blog spoiler free so I'm sorry haha! Just ask if something confused you to the point where your brain broke! :)

Do you follow any of these shows?
Or all of them? What's your opinion?

Friday, February 19, 2016

9 More Movies I Look Forward To In 2016!

Remember my 12 Movies I Look Forward To In 2016 that I posted back in December? And how I hinted that there were more than those 12 movies? Well here are 9 more! One having had it's premiere already.

Gods of EgyptThe Jungle Book | The Finest HoursIndependence Day: ResurgenceStar Trek Beyond

I can't get over how we're getting such an amazing movie year!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Home DIY Inspo From Urban Outfitters

I love to find inspiration online and then go and try to find something just like it or similar at a thrift store. Or find the items and material needed to DIY it. Then you have the opportunity to give it that extra personal touch, which I love! Here are four examples that I've found on Urban Outfitters that you can easily make yourself while saving a buck load of cash hehe.
Home DIY Inspo From Urban Outfitters
To get you on a little on the way I thought I'd go through my thought process on these four items above. That way you can get some tips on where to find material and how to go about it! ^^

1. The place where you will find the cheapest quartz is Ebay! And 9 our of 10 times you can buy it in wholesale if you just look hard enough and it will still be cheap. The rest of the material you will most likely find at your local craft store or even your local dollar store if you have one of those.

2. I am a little obsessed with metallic colors, ain't gonna lie and these gold planters are so adorable. If you want the exact shape as in the photo I believe a regular tin can will do the trick, that you spray paint with gold paint. Or you can just grab one of your old planters and do the same. If you don't have that then hit the closest thrift store! They usually have a large amount of cheap planters in different sizes.

3. Find a fabric that can handle paint in white (or any color/pattern that you want) which you can find at a craft store or a fabric store. If you're lucky you can probably find it at a thrift store as well. Get your hands on black (or once again whatever color your want) fabric paint! Look up tips & tricks on how to do letter art, find the way you think seems easiest and have fun.

4. How damn fine wouldn't this look above your desk? Talk about a nifty and easy way to keep a inspo wall huh? You know that net-style kind of...thingies (great explanation Kitten) that people use to build a dog pen or such? One of those square ones would be perfect to make this yourself! :)

Now I haven't tried any of these DIYs above myself but that is what goes through my head when I see something online for loads of $$$ to the DIY part. If you try anything of it out or have any other clever ideas how to go about it, let me know! ^^

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Weekend: Deadpool, Closet Organization...

My weekend started with a big kablaam meaning going to the Deadpool premiere Friday night. It's SO DAMN AMAZING! I don't do super much during weekends at the moment due to my lack of energy/poor health etc but I've been trying to deal with my closets :) It was still messy when I snapped the photo above but...I have a large amount of clothes and it takes me so long to fix it all up haha. I also store the original packaging for my merchandise in there, trying to find a better way to store that as well. Also squeezed in some journaling and that makes me very happy :)

My plans today was to continue organizing stuff while doing laundry, with some gaming in between. But I've spent the day so far having a war with my computer that finally gave up letting me win and started up like 20 min ago lol. Oh the life of being a geek, huh? :)

Friday, February 12, 2016

Deadpool, fuck yes!

#Deadpool #Marvel #movie
I'm so excited it's finally here! It's finally time! I might die! Deadpool is one of my all time favorites when it comes to the Marvel kingdom! He's just so damn fucking funny. And from what I've seen so far they've done him mmm so fine. And good thing I got the game that was released year 2013 because I'm gonna need me some Deadpool fix after having watched this hehe. You know me, I walk the obsession road!

I'm being picked up in a few hours by my partners in crimes to go watch it on the premiere and it's gonna be fucking sweet. Marvel movies usually have a midnight premiere in the middle of a work week so it feels sweet to be able to go to one for once. Bring on the awesome!!!

Are you going to go see this one? Any fellow Deadpool fans out there?