Sunday, March 27, 2016

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

The time has come for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice! I think the only one I know that's more excited over this movie is probably my sister haha. I'm going in that movie theater with an open mind because I was super skeptical over Ben Affleck being casted as Batman way back in 2013. It has become less the more you've seen from this movie but I suppose it will come down to what version of Batman you prefer in the end. I'm still super excited, don't get me wrong! Just trying to be open minded since the people in showbiz has a habit of fucking the few things I love about Superman up...Smallville I'm looking at you, bitch. And if they fuck Batman up I will scream and fire shall rain from the sky.

This is also the start for Justice League and I need me some Justice League live action movie! You may notice by now I don't mention Superman much...That's because I'm not...Yeah I never enjoyed Superman besides a few characters here and there. Gonna be interesting to see their version of Doomsday too!

Ok, now I'm just fangirl rambling and I am so sorry (but not really). It's because it's only a few hours left before it's time and I am going cray cray!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

9 Old Photos of Me!

I used to take a whole lot more self-portraits back in the days, probably because I felt more comfy in front of a lens than I do now since I did a lot of photoshoot session with others. But enough about that, here's a few random photos of yours truly dating back to 2008 :)

Monday, March 14, 2016

Life During February 2016

I know, we're 14 days into the month of March! I could say I've been super busy...which I have in some ways due to my job...but mostly I've been lazy. Better late than never, right?

I'm going to try hard to keep this up each month. Most of them is going to have these categories you will see below but I might switch it up a bit, depending on that month :)

Life During February
I ended January with starting to watch Black Sails so I of course began February with catching up with that. Besides that when it comes to shows I've checked out The Carrie Diaries and I started watching Flash so now I have an awesome DC party every week!
When it comes to movies the biggest bang was of course Deadpool which was so fucking amazing I can't even, have you seen it yet? I've mostly watched shows or gamed during February but when I have taken time to sit down and watch a movie it's been...Horror, of course what else?

Now I ain't a reader. Meaning I don't enjoy reading books etc. But I thought that if I'm going to try and do this every month, why not take the time to throw some glitter and confetti other bloggers way?

This month the blogs I've enjoyed the most are: Dorkface, Witch Cake and Melificent.

Part of me wish I could say that I've moved on from Fallout 4. Since it's been almost 4 months since it was (finally) released now. But I'm still all over that game 99% of my gaming time! On the side I am currently re-gaming The Evil Within (because I bought it for my PS4 as well). When I game Fallout games, or Skyrim...or any game in that will-never-finish feeling I like to have an already gamed game on the side.

Are you like that? That you can re-game your favorite games *cough*TheLastOfUs*cough* because of the story-line etc? For the very same reason you can watch a movie or show episode over and over and not get tired of it.

Life During February
Best buy? My iPhone 6!!! My old phone fucked out completely and I haven't gotten along with Samsung smartphones, ever. They just seem to break and fuck up from day one so I got fed up and chose an iPhone this time. It's my new best friend haha.

Besides that it's been a few new makeup items, like picking up Put a Lid On It by The Balm, I fucking love that eye primer omgosh. Some nifty crafty items and I clicked home a new pair of awesome Friday The 13th leggings from Ebay! I am in looove with these babies!

What were you up to during February?

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Plan On A Budget!

I've always been slightly obsessed and found planner videos and little snapshots inspiring! Both for my creative side but mostly for my motivation. So I designed and bought my own planner in August last year, you can have a little sneak peek here. I knew when buying mine that I would sink into the Planner Nerd group...and I did but I'm trying my best not to spend all my craft budget on planner stickers etc haha. So I do plan on a budget and thought I'd share some quick tips if you want to do the same.

Plan On A Budget!

  1. Make the supplies yourself! There are loads of tutorials already posted on YouTube. Such as how to make your own planner dashboard, planner clips and even stickers.
  2. Doodle!!! This is my latest thing. I doodle my little planner icons out and it is so much fun! It makes your planner even more unique and more you. Check out YouTube and see for yourself how easy it is while getting some inspiration!
  3. Ebay is your best friend. If you want to buy stickers, memopads, sticky notes and so on, Ebay is your best friend! Not to mention washi tape. You can find loads for only 1-2$ and free shipping. My favorite search words when it comes to stickers is "Planner Stickers" or "Diary Stickers".
  4. Scrapbooker? Well that's awesome, use your scraps in your planner! Cut out little banners etc and go wild using all that material you have just laying around! ^^