Thursday, March 10, 2016

Plan On A Budget!

I've always been slightly obsessed and found planner videos and little snapshots inspiring! Both for my creative side but mostly for my motivation. So I designed and bought my own planner in August last year, you can have a little sneak peek here. I knew when buying mine that I would sink into the Planner Nerd group...and I did but I'm trying my best not to spend all my craft budget on planner stickers etc haha. So I do plan on a budget and thought I'd share some quick tips if you want to do the same.

Plan On A Budget!

  1. Make the supplies yourself! There are loads of tutorials already posted on YouTube. Such as how to make your own planner dashboard, planner clips and even stickers.
  2. Doodle!!! This is my latest thing. I doodle my little planner icons out and it is so much fun! It makes your planner even more unique and more you. Check out YouTube and see for yourself how easy it is while getting some inspiration!
  3. Ebay is your best friend. If you want to buy stickers, memopads, sticky notes and so on, Ebay is your best friend! Not to mention washi tape. You can find loads for only 1-2$ and free shipping. My favorite search words when it comes to stickers is "Planner Stickers" or "Diary Stickers".
  4. Scrapbooker? Well that's awesome, use your scraps in your planner! Cut out little banners etc and go wild using all that material you have just laying around! ^^


  1. These are great ideas! Once I started my planner, I started spending so much money on these little things that it was ridiculous! Later on, I started DIY'ing my planner and doing things myself. It's so much cheaper and more fun in my opinion! :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Glad you enjoyed them! You just get carried away by all the cute stuff, on Etsy the most! I buy now and then but make sure it's unique but still for a good price :)
      I highly agree! DIYing is always a lot more fun and it's becomes even more you, it's after all a personal planner :P
      xo Kitten