Friday, April 29, 2016

3 Main Style Inspirations

I think one of the areas I get most questions about is when it comes to my personal style. I would like to think it's because I'm badass at it but the truth is probably more like...I shop too much and ain't afraid to show it haha! But never the less I thought I'd share my 3 main inspirations when it comes to my style. Are you ready? Lets go!

This is a no brainer. We all know how much I love my nerdy outfits hehe. If it's a fandom I enjoy, I wear it and that's that. I think out of all three this is the one I go for the most because it's so easy. If I'm having a bad day I slap on a nerdy tee to up my mood. And I am cray cray for the cray cray leggings.

Post Apocalypse
I am talking torn, ripped, mesh, net, boots and messy skizzle. I fucking love it! When my clothes rip or break I stare at it for a while then I'm all like "Fuck yeah, 2.0 time!" and keep wearing it hehe. I like wearing outfits like this and mix in a little Shield-Maiden/Viking feel into it.

Horror focused on Zombies
If it have something zombie related on it, I will buy it. If it's bloody or look bloody I will buy it. I loooove my horror especially my zombies so of course I love having it in my wardrobe as well. All my clothes and accessories from Darkside Clothing's zombie line are among my favorite clothing items. I want it aaaaall!

I know that compared to many styles my own is extreme and stands out. Also compared to almost just as many it doesn't stand out at all. Dressing the way I want has always been very important to me because it's you who are going to walk around in those clothes so there for it should be what makes you feel good about yourself and makes you happy. Never let anyone tell you what you can and can not wear! You are all so very beautiful, just the way you are. Be your own kind of beautiful and stay strong.

Friday, April 22, 2016

10 Things To Do On A Lazy Day!

I loooooove my lazy days! I am the queen of being lazy over here haha. But I know that many have a hard time having a lazy day, they get bored out of their mind and start climbing them walls in no time but I believe having a lazy day once in a while is super important, you need to take care of yourself kitties and taking a break is there for important. So here are 10 things you can do on a lazy day!

  1. Check out that TV Show you've been curious about.
  2. Surf Pinterest/YouTube etc...Go online and go wild!
  3. Watch all a few of those movies you really wish you already had.
  4. Stay in your PJs all damn day.
  5. Get lost in a book.
  6. Try out (if you aren't used to it) some gentle exercise or maybe yoga.
  7. Take the longest bath ever taken.
  8. Have a movie marathon. How long since you watched a trilogy in one day?
  9. Take a long walk.
  10. Do some scrapbooking. Haven't tried it? Try it out!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Handmade Geeky Jewelry - Shop Is Open!

I know, I know! 3 of the same topic in a row haha but THE SHOP IS OPEN! But I promise from now on there will only be...I mean I will post about my shop of course but more sneak peaks and shop updates when they come around ;)
As things are looking now there will be more in stock this weekend already. But that all depends on how busy my week is in other areas, we'll see! ^^ If you have any questions just contact me either on Etsy or you can reach me on as well.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

WolfHeart Shop

Minding the previous mysterious blog post and a few sneaky sneaks over on Twitter and Instagram there is something going on indeed. I'm going to start and sell my jewelry again! ^^

For you who don't know, I used to sell jewelry and I really miss doing it so I decided to start once again.
I will be over on Etsy because that is the selling platform I've had best experiences with, also since I've decided to sell worldwide Etsy suits even better :)

What will I be selling then? Handmade and Geeky jewelry, mainly necklaces! I have focused on cameo necklaces before (and will do now as well) but I'm trying to get more variation in there hehe.

I plan on having a category for Planner Goodies but also (and this one is a maybe) cheap little Blog Goodies! I don't know when that will arrive into the shop once it's opened but hopefully soon.

Please note that this will be a hobby, meaning if things get cray cray at my daytime job, the shop will be closed during that/those week(s). This also means that my regular shipping schedule will be that I ship out orders once a week.

My plan right now is to open up Friday this week so keep a look out! :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Life During March 2016

Woop, actually posting this second month in a row! Please note that this will change here and there as I go but I believe these posts are best if you kind of tailor them to each month :) But here is what I was up to during March!

Lifestyle, Life

This month I checked out Switched at Birth. My mission was to find a show that's different from the ones I usually follow. I love it! This is the show I go to when I want something on in the background doing something like DIY projects but also while I eat dinner :)

Daredevil Season 2 was finally released on Netflix on March 18th and oh my fucking god! This season was AMAZING. I was afraid that all I would think of was Shane from Walking Dead when I heard  was going to play Punisher but god damn I wanna some of that booty, best Punisher so far for sure. Still don't know how I feel about Elektra...Bitch pissed me off too much tbh haha.

Moving on to the big bang around movies...Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice finally came out in the end of March and oh my fucking god! This movie is perfection! I love it so damn much and I am happy I went in with a open mind because I was very skeptical.

I'm still all over Fallout 4! I am so close to the end and I already know what I'm going to head over to once I am which is Dying Light: The Following. I loved Dying Light and am itching to check out the DLC The Following, will let you know what I think!

I actually picked up a new game. I've been curious about The Order 1887 ever since I bought my PS4 when I came across it looking up what PS4 bundles that were out (I ended up buying just the console with larger memory instead) and now I have it hehe. But what I've bought most this month is probably coffee.

Besides that I started buying things for my home. I am having a little makeover, mostly in my bedroom, so I picked up a light box and the cutest planter ever! Along with a few other knick knacks :)

What were you up to during March?