Friday, April 22, 2016

10 Things To Do On A Lazy Day!

I loooooove my lazy days! I am the queen of being lazy over here haha. But I know that many have a hard time having a lazy day, they get bored out of their mind and start climbing them walls in no time but I believe having a lazy day once in a while is super important, you need to take care of yourself kitties and taking a break is there for important. So here are 10 things you can do on a lazy day!

  1. Check out that TV Show you've been curious about.
  2. Surf Pinterest/YouTube etc...Go online and go wild!
  3. Watch all a few of those movies you really wish you already had.
  4. Stay in your PJs all damn day.
  5. Get lost in a book.
  6. Try out (if you aren't used to it) some gentle exercise or maybe yoga.
  7. Take the longest bath ever taken.
  8. Have a movie marathon. How long since you watched a trilogy in one day?
  9. Take a long walk.
  10. Do some scrapbooking. Haven't tried it? Try it out!

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