Wednesday, April 13, 2016

WolfHeart Shop

Minding the previous mysterious blog post and a few sneaky sneaks over on Twitter and Instagram there is something going on indeed. I'm going to start and sell my jewelry again! ^^

For you who don't know, I used to sell jewelry and I really miss doing it so I decided to start once again.
I will be over on Etsy because that is the selling platform I've had best experiences with, also since I've decided to sell worldwide Etsy suits even better :)

What will I be selling then? Handmade and Geeky jewelry, mainly necklaces! I have focused on cameo necklaces before (and will do now as well) but I'm trying to get more variation in there hehe.

I plan on having a category for Planner Goodies but also (and this one is a maybe) cheap little Blog Goodies! I don't know when that will arrive into the shop once it's opened but hopefully soon.

Please note that this will be a hobby, meaning if things get cray cray at my daytime job, the shop will be closed during that/those week(s). This also means that my regular shipping schedule will be that I ship out orders once a week.

My plan right now is to open up Friday this week so keep a look out! :)

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