Sunday, May 1, 2016

Life During April 2016

Hello, my darling kitties! Yet another month has started (is this year just moving Quicksilver speed or what?) and a new Life During post is due. I've been quite the busy little fangirl during April, both on the Watching part but also Gaming. Here is what I was up to during April!

So I've checked out a few new shows hehe. Z Nation season 1 appeared on Netflix so I finally checked it out. It's zombies. Need I say more? It got nothing on The Walking Dead but I really love it (I'm obsessed...hush now). It has kind of that half-bad feel like many zombie movies...In a very good way. And as usual I have a crush on the weird one, meaning Murphy...Who is half-zombie dude...that' is why I'm single.

The second show I checked out is Alphas. I'm not really into it yet but I've only watched a few episodes. But it's something about it that keeps pulling me back in now and then so we'll see. Maybe it's my X-men fangirl inside screaming in need of attention.

I also started watching Band of Brothers. One of my closest friends is really into the War category and I myself enjoy war themed movies but I've never checked out any of the shows. So I borrowed the box and it is one of the best shows I have ever watched, for sure. It's very intense even when the speed is low because it's happened for real. I really love how they've made it and the cast is amazing. It's only 10 episodes so I'm finished already :)

Some of you are probably a little bit "But Kitten...What about Captain America: Civil War?!" and yes it's finally here! But because of the movie theaters schedule I had to be a good girl and wait haha. I got my date night set for it on Wednesday! :) So it will be in my May post since I haven't actual seen it yet.

I bought and downloaded The Following DLC for Dying Light, finally! I've been gaming the shit out of that one! I drive around in my little buggy crushing zombies like there is no tomorrow! Well I was until I finished it within a week. But it's a big game even for a DLC so you can always go back and run around even if you've finished the story.

Looking away story line wise I think it's better than the original game, which is not common for me. I usually love the main game most but really enjoy the DLC. Like the 3 you got for The Evil Within, really love all three but I prefer the main one. But yeah, I think I prefer this one.

After I finished that one I moved on to Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. I've had this in my PS4 shelf for quite some time but haven't gotten around to game it. I usually stock up on games and then grab them on the go. I fucking loved The New Order and I fucking love this one, SO GOOD. But then again it's by Betheseda so it's no shock. I finished that one as well already, took me...I started one night and finished the next.

Photos @Instagram
I decided to smack these two post into one this month. I've mostly been focused on work and I've held on to my money as well. So to fill it out a little I'm putting some lovely photos from Instagram.

What were you up to during April?


  1. April looks like so much fun! Your instagram is lovely too. :)

    1. Thank you! It was a good month :) Happy you enjoyed the post! ^^
      xo Kitten