Saturday, June 4, 2016

My Planner Essentials

Since I both love my planner, love to share and I know many of you enjoyed my Plan On A Budget, mostly over on Twitter, I thought I'd keep sharing some Planner related posts. This one focusing on my own Planner Essentials. I am planning on continuing sharing these kind of posts so if there's anything in that area you'd like me to focus on, please let me know. But for now let's focus on those essentials!

Obviously! I myself mainly use a Frixion erasable pen in the color black, size wise I prefer 0,5. But since I doodle in my planner, inspired by bullet journals, I also use different pens to color things out etc.

Glue Pen + Scissors.
I decorate my planner and I if it's not a sticker I prefer using a glue pen since the stuff I put in there usually ain't that big. Scissor being to cut stuff to the shape I want them, like making a piece of washi into a flag or an arrow.

Sticky Notes + Page markers.
Between these two I probably use page markers the most. Mainly because they are perfect to mark out events etc and make it a bit more decor you know? But other sticky notes are badass for marking out events in the future since I don't write anything down completely until the week before.

Ruler + Washi Tape.
I can't draw a straight line even if my damn life depended upon it. So a little ruler is a life saver for a girl like me! I prefer the smaller ones since my planner is an A5. A larger one just gets in the way. It's also kickass to rip off washi if you decorate the bottom or top with it.

Mmmm I love me some washi. I use this for decoration, to mark out stuff more and I just use the damn hell out of those washi tapes! I try to go for washi that goes well with my theme for the week. Meaning if it's a blue colored theme, I will use my blue washi tapes.

YEEEEEEEES! I am sticker obsessed, well I'm stationery obsessed...I fucking LOVE stickers. I love the ones you use to mark out, like the polaroid stickers above. I love the decor ones. I love cute ones, the scary ones, the DIY ones...I love all the stickers. STICKERS FUCK YEAH!

I love hearing from you kitties!
What's your Planner Essentials?


  1. åh var finns emoji-stickers??

    1. Finns på ebay! Eller där jag köpt mina i varje fall hehe ^^
      xo Kitten