Friday, June 24, 2016

Poprageous Love

I fucking love Poprageous clothes. It hits my little fragile Fangirl heart right on the spot! I've waited for so long for Ebay to catch up and make copies, like they do with many of Black Milks designs, but...Nope. I think I've seen very few on my daily Ebay browses but not the ones I truly want. I mean have you seen the Insane Harlequin line?! I may have to go against my principals surrounding what to spend on one clothing item soon...Ebay has made me a spoiled little geeky princess.


  1. I love the Harley Quinn outfits!! I've become quite obsessed with her since I done a cosplay as her from Arkaham Knight last year - want these!! Tania xx

    1. I've loved her since she showed up in the animated show when I was a kid! I've cosplayed her as well and I wanna do more cosplays with her :3
      xo Kitten