Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Summer Vacation Goals 2016

Today is my second official day of my Summer vacation for this year. For you who don't know (because I know it's not like this in many other countries) we get a total of 25 vacation days during one work year here in Sweden, if you work full time. Which like 99% take out during the Summer or at least 4 weeks of it. Personally I always save 5 of mine for later, usually I take out a week in March the next year if I can.

I have never done well with these weeks. My body and my mind don't agree at all when it comes to four weeks off. While my body is always very thankful and in serious need of some rest my mind is in panic mode. I am dead serious when I say that I don't know what to do with myself when I don't have work in my routine. So I thought this year I'd put up goals. I mean why not? Goals are motivation and it's good to challenge yourself no matter how you decide to challenge yourself, right?

  • Catch Up On Fandoms! I am behind on so many shows. Not to mention movies that I've been dying to watch. I still haven gone and watched the new X-men and I want to fucking off myself. So I'm digging in deep and catching up on all my fandoms!
  • Finish Decorating! I am in the middle of changing themes/colors etc in my bedroom and also adding a few bits & pieces in the living room and other places. I want to finish this as much as I can during my time off. Re-vamping all the stuff I want to re-vamp and so on.
  • Get Ahead @Blog! I want to stock up on as many posts as possible before I get back to work. Because if I have a juice post draft pile to start with then I always have something to fall back on when work or life gets super busy. I also want to add a few things on my site, like a About Me page and more.
  • Cook Vegan Food! I want to feel more at home in the kitchen and I want to learn how to make more vegan food, also desserts and more. So I am combining it and I am going to do my best.
  • Be Creative! Meaning be creative that has no other purpose than being creative. Focus on things like scrapbooking/art journaling or make items for me and me only. Make jewelry custom for me along with re-vamping clothes etc.

Do you have any current goals? :)

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