Sunday, June 19, 2016

What Black Hole I Fall Into

It's been a rocky up and down time for the blog, all of the sudden I admit I fall into like this black hole and just disappear and then *poof* I come back with some random post. I have nothing to blame because the reason for this is my fulltime job. And I love my job so I don't "blame" it even if it's the reason :)

I work at a wholesale company. At this company I spend most of my days creating product sheets etc. Photograph + Edit products. I also manage the websites meaning like right now when we're in the middle of moving one of our shops I am in charge of getting all products etc in that new system.

I sit 8 hours in front of a computer on my workdays in others words. Even if I'm on the phone or do something creative I am still in front of the computer doing other things. So coming home, especially during cray times like these, I'm not in a huge computer mood haha.

I love my job. I really fucking adore and love my job for real. So I put my heart and soul into it giving it my all. Even during my health scares last year I did just that. Because my job, my workplace, is one of the few safe-havens I have outside of my home. And I feel so blessed to have that.

I'm closing in on my 5 year mark since I started and what an adventure it has been and still is. So I hope you all understand why I fall into a black hole disappearing from time to time :) I have a 4 week Summer vacation coming up after next week so I'm going to focus on the blog etc then! ^^

What do you work with? Do you love it?

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