Wednesday, July 27, 2016

4 Reasons To Start Saving Money For When You're Moving Out

Many adults and older siblings/friends always state how important it is to save up money for when the day comes and you're moving to your own little home. I sure heard it a lot during my teenage years but 9 out of 10 people didn't state why. So here is 4 reasons why it's important from my point of view!

I rented my first apartment by my boss and it came with a bed, couch and such. But moving to where I live now (that stands in my own name) I had none of that. I had to buy furniture for the living room and I needed a bed, among other things of course but those two are like the most used ones you know? And it is expansive as shit haha. I remember going shopping once I knew I was getting this apartment and that shopping round I bought a couch group, a bed and a glass cabinet. This cost me 25,000+ kr. And that's a good price for what I got.

Food etc.
If you're moving for the first time you will have to buy everything. Food, breakfast, basic food products, spices, laundry/cleaning/hygiene stuff...And that first grocery shopping round, even if you wait with buying a few things, cost you money. And reality is you need that stuff to survive and keep up the housework.

If you get internet, tv etc then most of them is going to want their money. Insurance for your home is a must in Sweden (don't know about other countries) and it's the same thing there. They don't have to wait for payment until the date next month when they usually wants it so they don't. Look up what bills etc is normal in your area. Do they want more than one rent the first time? What internet companies and what do they want...Everything you can think of and then remember that amount of money so you know you have it.

Bills #2.
Since we are on this subject remember to look up what goes into your rent that you pay. Does it include water? Does it include heat? If not then those two will come on separate ones and it cost a whole lot more than you think. Also if you pay heat separate and you live where the weather is like in Sweden with cold Winters, the bills go up when the temperature outside goes down! Same thing with electricity, it cost more than you think. If you know someone who lives/lived in a building that you are interested in, ask them to get the brutal and honest truth.

Most of these things are pretty obvious but from my experience and hearing others, you don't actually know how much everything cost. Or how big of a difference it can be between rents depending on where you live in a town. It's better to have a clear picture of everything so you don't make a mistake taking on a home you can't afford. You can never know too much or be too prepared!

What would you say is a good reason to start saving?

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