Saturday, July 23, 2016

4 TV Shows That I Miss

You don't have to be a hardcore fangirl to have a list of TV Shows that you miss. I don't know how many shows I've followed from the start to the very end because they are so many (not even counting the anime and cartoons hehe) but here are 4 shows that I truly miss.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
I was obsessed with this show. I am still obsessed with this show. I will always be obsessed with this show. Totally singing along with the Once More, With Feeling soundtrack writing this post. I stumbled upon this show...shit it was in my early teens so a looong time ago. Now I've always attached to shows like life depends upon it ever since I started watching cartoons and anime but this was one of the first "live action" show I truly got hooked on.

True Blood
This is with all hands down the best fucking vampire show EVER. Well I think it is hehe. I remember when I started watching this because it was in the middle of hiatus of S2 and S3 and oh my fucking god did it hit me hard. I was heartbroken when I had to wait 2 months for a new episode so imagine my heartbreak when it actually ended. I love the bloody, the adult side of it. It's not toned down thanks for being a HBO show and that is what every vampire show needs to be tip top if you ask me.

I know it's a spin-off from Buffy but it's still it's own show, right? I'm giving it it's own little space anyhow. After re-watching Angel maybe 2-3 times I actually started enjoying it even more than Buffy. Yes that's right. Well they both have their own things and characters...No I love them both on the same level. But I've always loved Angel as a character and this show you really get to know the true Angel (such an asshole tbh hahaha) and it's the same with characters with Cordelia, they were given space to grow.

I'm picking up a theme with this post...I am indeed a huge fan of Joss Whedon. Ever since Buffy I've been hooked on his work, especially his TV shows. I am one of those fans that still wish all the pain in the world on Fox for cancelling Firefly. Assholes. At least we got a movie right? I'm not that big on out in the space woah stuff but this one stuck to me like superglue. The story line, the cast (Nathan Fillion I mean hellooo) and just everything. Yes. YES.

What TV Shows do you miss?
Have you watched any of the ones above?


  1. Of all of these, I've only seen Firefly, and I loved it! So sad it only had one season as it was brilliant! Tania xx

    1. Firefly is amazing! I know right, Fox will never be forgiven for that one haha xD I wish they could do like a mini season! At least we got a movie, right? :D
      xo Kitten

  2. Are Angel as good as buffy? i have never watch it

    1. Hm, well I think in many ways it's better (only thing Buffy has that I wish was more in Angel is actually Spike and he's in all of S5) but most people don't like it at all or prefer Buffy :)

      But it's worth checking out if you enjoyed Buffy! ^^

  3. Buffy is my all time favourite tv show and I miss it so much. I've re-watched it so many times over the years and I'm pretty sure I will always be obsessed with Buffy too! I think I got into it pretty young and have some good childhood memories of listening to the soundtracks on repeat. I really loved Angel as well, but never really watched Firefly for some reason!? I think maybe I couldn't unsee Nathan Fillion as Caleb from Buffy!

    1. It's so amazing *.* Same here! I listen to especially the Once More, With Feeling soundtrack all the time and it takes me back :) I love you for knowing Nathan as Caleb! I obsessed over him so hard haha xD
      Firefly is an amazing show but was sadly cancelled really early, it's a short show to go through if you're interested :)
      xoxo Kitten