Thursday, August 18, 2016

Netflix Originals I've Fallen For - Part 1

#Daredevil #Netflix #Marvel
Quick Description @imdb: Matt Murdock, with his other senses superhumanly enhanced, fights crime as a blind lawyer by day, and vigilante by night.

I was never really all that wow over the Daredevil movie because no. But this show is what the movie should have been. It is brutal in the right way and bloody in the right way. The cast is brilliant. Season 2 was even better than the first and their Punisher...BEST Punisher ever, holy crap. Main thing I'm not happy with is Electra but I've never liked that character all in all anyway so.

#Scream #Netflix #Horror
Quick Description @imdb: What starts as a YouTube video going viral soon leads to problems for the teenagers of Lakewood and serves as the catalyst for a murder that opens up a window to the town's troubled past.

If someone makes a show slasher movie style you can be damn sure that I will check that out. If you think that this show will be the Scream movies but in TV form then no. It has it's own story, own characters and it's own everything. Is it inspired by Scream? Yeah a little. It's a slasher themed show meaning just like slasher movies, it has that feeling. It's not the best of the best but it's really good if you like me love horror.

#Hemlock #Grove #Netflix #Horror
Quick Description @imdb: A teenage girl is brutally murdered, sparking a hunt for her killer. But in a town where everyone hides a secret, will they find the monster among them?

This was the reason I got Netflix in the first place and there for the first of their original shows I ever watched. I love this show. The mysterious, dark and raw vibe is perfect and I really enjoy watching all the characters grow through out the 3 seasons they gave us.

Do you have Netflix?
What originals have caught your interest?

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Oh, I'm not gonna kill you...I'm just gonna hurt you really, really bad.

Sometimes I ask on different social media what you want to see more of. And you lovely kitties always crave more personal, daily life posts. This is after all a lifestyle blog and it should already be more common...So I thought I'm gonna try real hard to slide back into that routine :)

I had a bad fall about two weeks ago. So now I have to wear this awesome thing on my hand to be able to work a whole day at the office since I sit pretty much all my 8 hours in front of a computer. It's not as bad as it looks (it's healing nicely) so it's more to prevent it getting worse. Work is super busy right now as it always is this time of year. August is always cray cray but I love it.

Something that's not healing is my foot which I also hurt in the fall. It was fine at first but being the walking loving idiot I am I kept on walking and come Friday last week BAM it went shit. But fear not because one of the goodies coming in the mail was my new planner hehe. I can't move into until September and I want it to be September. Chose one of my favorite quotes and designed a more pastel theme this time, a little peek for you all. You like?

Can you guess what I went to see? You probably know me well enough to know that it was Suicide Squad. Title makes more sense now, don't it? And I fucking love it. No, it wasn't as good as I thought it would be all in all but they made Harley Quinn so fucking perfect that I can't even...I can't handle it damn it. The Joker was perfection as well and I got all that I needed. I want to watch it again every day. Every damn day I say. Also I want to know who to sue for all their money and life force...Because Deadshot in this movie...I mean what the hell. No.

Like I said my foot went straight to hell and this is my current work position at the office haha. I can not keep my foot hanging or on the floor while sitting for too long. I am mainly frustrated. Yes it hurts, it hurts all the damn time and I can hardly even sleep because it annoys me so much. But it could've been worse and I went to physical therapy yesterday. It will take time to heal but as long as I behave (meaning not take walks stepping it up to 10.000 steps) it'll be fine in the future.

Speaking of walking...I tried so hard! So hard not to check out Pokémon Go because I know myself and I know if I enjoyed it I'd hit obsession level asap...I checked it out and I hit obsession level asap. But fear not because I have the most amazing friends who help me get around even with my injuries!

I hope you all are doing awesome :)
Let me hear about your little adventures below!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Deepest Pits of Anime Obsession

I have fallen down into the deepest pits of Anime Obsession again. It's all I fucking watch. This is what happens when I try out stuff like Crunchyroll...Here's what I've been up to the past week. If you want to follow/friend me I'm over at Anime List. Just discovered this site...why hasn't anyone told me about this awesome site?

Watched & Finished

I like it. I mean it's not one of my absolute best I've watched but at least for me it's entertaining. I like the ones that's for older people but not adults. They're usually animated in a cute way and is funny. I love it :) I've watched the OVA episode as well and if I got things right there's a movie on the way too.

This anime is so funny! I was laughing so loud all the time and mmm yes I love it! I mainly watch very dark animes. Like Hellsing OVA is one of my absolute favorites and even if it's funny...well it's a hell of a lot more adult. So it's nice to having found yet another anime to switch it up. I still have OVA episodes ehehe.

Currently Watching

For having obsessed over the original anime and movies since I was a little kid I am very late into this party. Mainly because I am obsessed since I was very young so call me skeptical. I am only two episodes in as I'm writing this but so far it's good.

People have been on my case about this anime for years. I finally checked it out and...I'm in love. The one starting airing in 2009 has 175 episodes in total and the season that started airing 2014 has 102 episodes if I remember it correct...I'm set for a while. There's also OVA episodes along with a movie ehehe.


This is my absolute favorite anime through out all the ones I have watched. 366 episodes of pure fangirl happiness and the main story is so damn amazing I can't even...I mean yeah 99% of my favorites die but hey, that's what you get for crushing all over the bad guys and girls! It's always on re-watch, always. I can't live without this anime active in my life. I have to read the manga, yo.

Anime post will start popping up and I am not even sorry.
Do you watch anime?
What's your favorite?
Give me tips!