Friday, August 5, 2016

Deepest Pits of Anime Obsession

I have fallen down into the deepest pits of Anime Obsession again. It's all I fucking watch. This is what happens when I try out stuff like Crunchyroll...Here's what I've been up to the past week. If you want to follow/friend me I'm over at Anime List. Just discovered this site...why hasn't anyone told me about this awesome site?

Watched & Finished

I like it. I mean it's not one of my absolute best I've watched but at least for me it's entertaining. I like the ones that's for older people but not adults. They're usually animated in a cute way and is funny. I love it :) I've watched the OVA episode as well and if I got things right there's a movie on the way too.

This anime is so funny! I was laughing so loud all the time and mmm yes I love it! I mainly watch very dark animes. Like Hellsing OVA is one of my absolute favorites and even if it's funny...well it's a hell of a lot more adult. So it's nice to having found yet another anime to switch it up. I still have OVA episodes ehehe.

Currently Watching

For having obsessed over the original anime and movies since I was a little kid I am very late into this party. Mainly because I am obsessed since I was very young so call me skeptical. I am only two episodes in as I'm writing this but so far it's good.

People have been on my case about this anime for years. I finally checked it out and...I'm in love. The one starting airing in 2009 has 175 episodes in total and the season that started airing 2014 has 102 episodes if I remember it correct...I'm set for a while. There's also OVA episodes along with a movie ehehe.


This is my absolute favorite anime through out all the ones I have watched. 366 episodes of pure fangirl happiness and the main story is so damn amazing I can't even...I mean yeah 99% of my favorites die but hey, that's what you get for crushing all over the bad guys and girls! It's always on re-watch, always. I can't live without this anime active in my life. I have to read the manga, yo.

Anime post will start popping up and I am not even sorry.
Do you watch anime?
What's your favorite?
Give me tips!


  1. I LOVE Sailor Moon (I grew up watching it) and I did really enjoy what has been put out for Sailor Moon Crystal since this story line follows the manga much closer than the original anime line did. :)

    S .x

    1. Same here! Really loving Sailor Moon Crystal more than I thought I would :) I do miss the lol moments a bit since there not as much but really liking that it feels like it's for older people :)

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