Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My Top 3 Anime Movies

I love my anime shows but I also love my anime movies so I thought I’d list my Top 3 in this category. Now I will list anime as in…well not DC or Marvel related or they would rule the shit out of this post.

#anime #The #Last #Unicorn #movie
First time I watched this movie I was around 6 years old and I have loved this movie ever since, it’s still my all time favorite movie ever and will probably be just that until the day I die. It’s based on a novel from 1962 written by Peter S. Beagle and the movie was released 1982. It is so beautiful and if you haven’t watched it, please do so! It is a must watch in my little world, fangirl/fanboy or not.

#anime #movie #final #fantasy #Advent #children #VII
You’re probably thinking that “Well of course it is, you’re a gamer!” but I have never gamed any of the Final Fantasy games. I haven’t watched anything related to it besides this movie. I became obsessed with this movie...I don't even know how many years ago. I have the biggest fangirl crush on Sephiroth.

#anime #movie #bleach
Bleach is one of my absolute favorite anime shows…well it’s actually my favorite ever now when I think about it. So obviously I love the movies. There are currently four movies out and the 4th one is one of my Top 3 Anime Movies! I don’t know but this movie is so much more powerful emotionally than the other ones and intense on so many levels that it gripped my fangirl heart refusing to ever let go.

Do you have any favorites among anime movies?

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Buy My Nerdy Leggings

My name is Kitten and I am addicted to leggings. Nerdy leggings especially. I noticed that I am just that very fast (I’m a extreme Fangirl…What did I expect?) so I made a rule super-fast which is…I will not under no circumstances ever EVER buy leggings from shops like Black Milk. Because I will not buy one or two, I will buy every single damn one I want from a nerdy collection.

So I turned to my beloved eBay, they started getting copies of BMs leggings around when they released their first Harry Potter collection. And with that very much longer and super random intro I will now list below where you can find some of my nerdy leggings (that a bunch seem to love as much as I do).

Please remember that these are copies of the original ones on shop like BM and Poprageous! So the colors, print and more will be different. Some are 99% as the original while others are maybe 80%.

Dragon Scale Red // Game of Thrones | Jason Voorhees // Friday The 13th | Comic Blade // Marvel

Most sellers have loads of leggings in the same listing so if you click in on one of those, just choose the right pair in the drop-menu since I couldn't link to the right one being chosen already.

95% of the leggings I’ve bought on eBay have been totally fine but mistakes do happen and I thought I’d list the two most common problems I’ve stumbled upon below.

They send the wrong item. Most eBayers have loads listed under the same one so mistakes sadly do happen and you can get the wrong pair of leggings sent home to you. Which sucks because it’s not the item you paid to get.

The print is blurry to the point where they look like shit. This happened with my zombie hand leggings. And I do believe a pair of Middle-Earth map ones years back. It happens but during these years it’s happened to me twice so chances it will aren’t big.

The colors are way off. This has not happened when it comes to leggings but it has happened with tops so I thought I’d mention it. Yes sellers list and state that colors may vary between screens etc but then there’s the items that is clearly a mistake made in being made. I can tell you straight away that if you order a pair of Dragon Scale leggings, the colors will be nothing like the photo. But they are still badass and gorgeous.

I have never had any trouble with getting a full refund or at least half. All I do is state my business like for example the obvious and the item not being what I ordered. It is also the same if the colors are wrong or if it’s blurry to the point it’s not wearable.

Another quick note before I wrap this up is that leggings on eBay in this area are one size. At least all the ones I’ve bought have been no matter if they have an S-L choice. From my experience they fit XS-M, an L might be possible but I don’t want to make no promises (if they do please let me know so I can edit it), a bit too big for the XS people but it’s doable. The bigger problem with one size is that these are Asian size so please note that because of that if you are super tall it might make the leggings too short. I can’t say any max length since I’m on the short side myself.

If you’ve seen any leggings over on my Instagram that’s not listed above (I settled with six this time) please let me know and I’ll hunt them down and make sure they’re in a part 2 in the future!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

15 Things I Love About Autumn

Autumn is probably my favorite season of the whole year. Yes it's cold and rainy. It got nothing against the Summer heat with it's crisp cold air...But I love it. It's really warm weather for being September here, like we're talking Summer hot...So thought I'd list 15 Things I Love About Autumn to get myself in the mood since the weather here refuses to.

  1. Layers on layers. The fashion of sweaters, scarfs, jackets...
  2. The nature. All the colors.
  3. Crisp morning walks and later on chilly evening walks.
  4. A cup of tea or hot chocolate.
  5. All my favorite shows comes back.
  7. Lighting candles for that extra coziness.
  8. Instagram feed filled with Autumn love.
  9. Warm freshly made apple pie.
  10. Fluffy socks.
  11. Leather jackets.
  12. Biker boots.
  13. Cozy movie nights.
  14. My every year Halloween horror marathon.
  15. Cuddles under a blanket.

What are your favorite things about Autumn?

Saturday, September 3, 2016

My Favorite Shows To Re-Watch!

These are my favorites when it comes to shows to re-watch! Meaning shows that has ended and no longer airs new episodes. And not counting anime etc because I got me some favorites there as well hehe.

Lets start with the big favorite, shall we? This show is one of my all time favorites ever which is a little bit funny because it's way different than my usual shows. I just fucking love it and it's forever always on re-watch. When I hit the last episode of season 7 I go right back to the first episode in season 1. So saying that I'm super excited that Netflix is working on new episodes is an understatement.

Best prison show ever all hands down. I checked this out back in year 1997 (damn that's almost 10 years ago, damn I'm getting old...) and I fucking love it. It's more raw and realistic than other prison shows I've watched and there for it's a hell of a lot better.

Which is kind of funny really. I checked out this show the first time when season 1 aired in Sweden and was all "meh" over it skipping to keep watching when season 2 arrived. Then when it was on it's last season I came across it again and I became so damn obsessed. And now I grab on to my blu-ray box often and re-watch it. But I'm like that sometimes with shows, I don't know why.

What are your favorite shows to re-watch?