Saturday, September 17, 2016

15 Things I Love About Autumn

Autumn is probably my favorite season of the whole year. Yes it's cold and rainy. It got nothing against the Summer heat with it's crisp cold air...But I love it. It's really warm weather for being September here, like we're talking Summer hot...So thought I'd list 15 Things I Love About Autumn to get myself in the mood since the weather here refuses to.

  1. Layers on layers. The fashion of sweaters, scarfs, jackets...
  2. The nature. All the colors.
  3. Crisp morning walks and later on chilly evening walks.
  4. A cup of tea or hot chocolate.
  5. All my favorite shows comes back.
  7. Lighting candles for that extra coziness.
  8. Instagram feed filled with Autumn love.
  9. Warm freshly made apple pie.
  10. Fluffy socks.
  11. Leather jackets.
  12. Biker boots.
  13. Cozy movie nights.
  14. My every year Halloween horror marathon.
  15. Cuddles under a blanket.

What are your favorite things about Autumn?


  1. I think my favourite things about Autumn is wearing cute jumpers, burning candles and how pretty the leaves look! Xx

    1. Sounds great! I long to move into my favorite jumpers! :3
      xoxo Kitten

  2. Bästa med hösten är att man äntligen kan hitta snygga kläder igen sen gillar jag även alla färger i naturen samt mörkret som blir.

    1. True! Älskar höst modet och de bästa mysigaste oversized kommer då :D