Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My Top 3 Anime Movies

I love my anime shows but I also love my anime movies so I thought I’d list my Top 3 in this category. Now I will list anime as in…well not DC or Marvel related or they would rule the shit out of this post.

#anime #The #Last #Unicorn #movie
First time I watched this movie I was around 6 years old and I have loved this movie ever since, it’s still my all time favorite movie ever and will probably be just that until the day I die. It’s based on a novel from 1962 written by Peter S. Beagle and the movie was released 1982. It is so beautiful and if you haven’t watched it, please do so! It is a must watch in my little world, fangirl/fanboy or not.

#anime #movie #final #fantasy #Advent #children #VII
You’re probably thinking that “Well of course it is, you’re a gamer!” but I have never gamed any of the Final Fantasy games. I haven’t watched anything related to it besides this movie. I became obsessed with this movie...I don't even know how many years ago. I have the biggest fangirl crush on Sephiroth.

#anime #movie #bleach
Bleach is one of my absolute favorite anime shows…well it’s actually my favorite ever now when I think about it. So obviously I love the movies. There are currently four movies out and the 4th one is one of my Top 3 Anime Movies! I don’t know but this movie is so much more powerful emotionally than the other ones and intense on so many levels that it gripped my fangirl heart refusing to ever let go.

Do you have any favorites among anime movies?


  1. I discovered your blog today. I love it. Also, if you love the Last Unicorn then you have to read the book! It's actually better than the movie believe it or not. I was shocked that I could feel this way since I grew up with this as my favorite movie.

    1. Thank you so much! Oh, I have :) It is years ago but I remember it being a million times more amazing ^^ Should read it again sometime soon :)
      xo Kitten