Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Wishlist @HotTopic

The blog died down a little bit again, these periods will still show up so yeah. But I've actually been really ill on and off (am still) so there's a good reason, that reason just don't feel good if you know what I mean. But I made you a little wishlist with stuff I want from Hot Topic. In the geeky spirit, of course.

Wishlist #17

I did go to my doctor yesterday since I've been in a lot of pain in my back mostly. Turns out that after having had two large infections in less than a month, flu + crappy immune system is a fucking bad combo yo, my spleen took the hit. It's really swollen and I got strict orders to hardcore rest because if it swells up even more there's a risk of it actually cause a rupture of it...So she sick listed me. So I am in a lot of pain even if my cold is a lot better.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

My Most Played Games During 2016!

I think most gamers are listing their favorite games of 2016 (you know normal people who don't hit a critical level of obsession unlike yours truly) but me...I tried that and I was close to a mental fangirl breakdown so after I got my shit together I decided to just list my most played games during 2016!
Most Played Games During 2016 #game #gaming #gamer
Now I mean most gamed as in hours put into it. Because if we're talking re-gamed style well then it's The Last of Us and The Evil Within because...I am an obsessive gamer as ya'll know. So here you have my Most Played Games during 2016!

Fallout 4
Fallout 4
First out and dominating every fucking inch of this post is Fallout 4. Gaming through this the first time took me over six months. And I mean the main game, not including all the DLCs. Yes, six months...Don't you dare judge me. I take me sweet ass time ok? Being the Fallout geek that I am, I've gamed through the DLCs as well. Nuka-World being my favorite one. Bethesda never fails you with the DLCs and they are all amazing.

The Division
The Division
This is one of the few games I read a bit about on the back at the gaming store and went for it. Usually I check a game out a lot before actually deciding if I wanna game it or not (I'm picky alright and games for your PS4 are expansive as fuck). I fucking love it! The main story is awesome and I love LOVE that it never ends. There are daily mission, weekly mission etc and there are areas with online gaming. Also two DLCs and I recently purchased one of them (it's badass) and will buy the other one soon as I'm done with the first one.

Dying Light
Dying Light
Now you kitties didn't think I'd end this post without something zombie related, did you? As you can tell by this post I like open world games and this one is the best zombie related open world game out there, according to me anyway. Amazing main story, badass DLC and it is just perfect. Because zombies.

What games did you play most during 2016?

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Instagram Favorites of 2016

There is a lot of nerd going on in my Instagram feed yo. And it's a mix mainly of stuff related to Batman, Walking Dead and gaming. Here is 27 instagram photos that caught my eye the most while going through my 2016 feed!

I like my feed. I've never stressed over a matching theme for it because like I've mentioned before life change from day to day and there for one single theme isn't working for me. But I do love me some black and white as you can tell. And my boobs for some reason...Awesome tee prints ftw!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

My Top 3 Fangirl Moments of 2016

I usually don't make these kind of post come a new year. But I decided to do it this time around. Mostly bloggers list Top Moments, Top Outfits etc but for me being the geeky fangirl that I am decided to list my Top 3 Fangirl Moments of 2016! Some of my Best of 2016 kind of post may be a bit late to the party because of my blogging break but I think as long as it's before January ends it isn't too late.

Harley Quinn was in a live action movie.

Not animated, not drawn...Live. The whole movie in all may not have been as badass as I expected (yes, I'm looking at you Suicide Squad) but ugh I love my babygirl. Margot did an amazing job portraying her.

Ya'll know I love to "Harley up" as I call it. I've been obsessing over this wonderful female character since I was a kid! Still trying to put together outfits suited for the version of her in the Suicide Squad movie. Because I love putting together nerdy themed outfits!


This character...This motherfucking character has ruined me for all men. I know that he is an asshole. A very violent sick son of a bitch of an asshole but dude I love him. And Jeffrey Dean Morgan being the actor don't help, you know what I'm saying...I'm sorry but I'm Team Negan baby. Obsessed is the word.

And yes I am guilty of grabbing and buying all Negan related pretties if I see them IRL. I have a few must-buy online as well. I mean I need myself a Property of Negan top...I love my Lucille, she is SO DAMN beautiful. Gonna try and take better photos because damn she is gorgeous. I mentioned I was obsessed, right?

*coughs* I am gonna do my best to control myself...I am a grown woman and...I CANNOT! MAH GAWD! lkamflamkglnhonga! *takes a deep breath* Ok, calming my shit down...Calm DOWN, Kitten.

Like ya'll know my obsession, love, center of my life essence...for this game. And even if there's been talk about a second game you never know. A game can for many reasons be scrapped but now with the reveal trailer as PSX16 it is official. Thank you Naughty Dog. THANK YOU.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

18 Movies I Look Forward To In 2017

A new year means a new movie year and this year is gonna be badass! Didn't realize how good it's gonna be until I started really looking through the list of movies for 2017. I managed to pick out 18 movies to share with you. So here you have 18 movies I look forward to this year!

It may not show above since I cut many of them out but there's a lot of horror coming this year! Which makes me a happy kitty. But in Sweden it isn't that common they actually show them, unless it's super popular like SAW or The Conjuring movies etc. So we'll see :)

What movies are you looking forward to this year?

Quick note: I know at least one of these movies has already had it's premiere in some countries but I'm going after Swedish premiere dates, just so you know.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Guess who's back?

It's been over a month closing in on two months since I updated the blog. Even if I did mention this both on my Facebook page along with my Twitter I thought I'd let ya'll know about it here too before I jump back into the blogging.

I always get a hit by the "Winter Blues" as I call it and December is the worst month for me during the year so I tend to focus on two things which is my full time job along with self-care. And some years like this time the blog takes a hit as well. So after going under the stress "Oh my fucking god I haven't updated my blog" during a month I made the decision to just take the rest of the year off. Just to let go of that stress and anxiety since I already struggle with so much of that in my daily life, even more so during this time of the year.

But a new year is here and there for I am back. Might take me a little while to get back into it but most of all I feel motivated to get back into blogging which is most important. Because I do love it, so much. I love creating nerdy content for this blog and meet fellow nerds all across the world. Along with other amazing people of course. So hi kitties and yes I'm back :)

Also want to make a quick note that I am...fine seem like a fucking stupid word to say but in my day-to-day life I'm fine, or my version of fine. I've lived with depression along with anxiety and a whole of other shitty stuff for the main part of my life. It's my daily life and it's normal life to me, you know? I'm not even sure if I would know how to live a life free of mental health issues because that's the level of "used to it" I'm at...I think many who have lived for a long time with it on a daily basis can relate to this. So don't worry about me :)