Sunday, January 1, 2017

Guess who's back?

It's been over a month closing in on two months since I updated the blog. Even if I did mention this both on my Facebook page along with my Twitter I thought I'd let ya'll know about it here too before I jump back into the blogging.

I always get a hit by the "Winter Blues" as I call it and December is the worst month for me during the year so I tend to focus on two things which is my full time job along with self-care. And some years like this time the blog takes a hit as well. So after going under the stress "Oh my fucking god I haven't updated my blog" during a month I made the decision to just take the rest of the year off. Just to let go of that stress and anxiety since I already struggle with so much of that in my daily life, even more so during this time of the year.

But a new year is here and there for I am back. Might take me a little while to get back into it but most of all I feel motivated to get back into blogging which is most important. Because I do love it, so much. I love creating nerdy content for this blog and meet fellow nerds all across the world. Along with other amazing people of course. So hi kitties and yes I'm back :)

Also want to make a quick note that I am...fine seem like a fucking stupid word to say but in my day-to-day life I'm fine, or my version of fine. I've lived with depression along with anxiety and a whole of other shitty stuff for the main part of my life. It's my daily life and it's normal life to me, you know? I'm not even sure if I would know how to live a life free of mental health issues because that's the level of "used to it" I'm at...I think many who have lived for a long time with it on a daily basis can relate to this. So don't worry about me :)

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