Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Instagram Favorites of 2016

There is a lot of nerd going on in my Instagram feed yo. And it's a mix mainly of stuff related to Batman, Walking Dead and gaming. Here is 27 instagram photos that caught my eye the most while going through my 2016 feed!

I like my feed. I've never stressed over a matching theme for it because like I've mentioned before life change from day to day and there for one single theme isn't working for me. But I do love me some black and white as you can tell. And my boobs for some reason...Awesome tee prints ftw!


  1. This is rad! I don't stick to a theme for Instagram either, as I find it far more enjoyable to just post whatever makes me happy. And I totally dig the "Not your babe" t-shirt - I might have to get one of those for myself...!

    1. Thank you! ^^ Same here, I see Instagram as a fun way to keep and share memories :D
      xo Kitten