Monday, March 20, 2017

Badass Clothes From 3 Fandoms I'm Not A Part Of

As a fangirl you can't be part of every fandom out there. Because we're all different in what falls into our own personal taste when it comes to getting your nerd on. Or you're just so involved with the ones you already have that you feel other fandoms have to wait. That doesn't mean these other fandoms have badass clothing. And we know I love me some nerdy badass clothing so I thought why not share said clothes in the blog?

I decided to focus on 3 fandoms: Star Wars, Doctor Who and WoW. Hopefully I have people reading my blog who are part of at least one of the fandoms below who can enjoy this post :)

Personally I do not wear clothes from other fandoms or decorate my home for that matter. Why? Well it's like wearing a band tee or such but you have no clue about them or their music. For me anyway. If I wear something nerdy it's because that fandom is close to my heart and puts a smile on my face.

This of course don't mean I frown upon it. If you want to wear something you have no idea what it's about because you think it's badass looking, then you rock that outfit and to hell with everyone else!