Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Movies A-Z

So I read a A-Z favorite movies over at Tania! And I loved the idea so of course being the nerdy me who loves list posts I had to join in. It ain't stealing if you leave credit, right? The movies listed below may or may not be my absolute favorite (but one of many) under that letter because I am horrible at picking out a favorite. I have too much love in my body I guess.

The Boondock Saints.
The Collector.
Fast & Furious.
Gone Girl.
Harry Potter.
I Am Legend.
Jurassic Park.
Kept Woman.
Léon: The Professional.
Mad Max: Fury Road.
The Neverending Story.
The Omen
Suicide Squad.
V For Vendetta.
World War Z.
You're Next.

I really loved making this kind of list! And I managed to find a movie I've enjoyed watching for all the letters...Well I'm Swedish meaning I got Å,Ä & Ö in the alphabet...But this is an English blog so I am not a cheater!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Wonder Woman by Her Universe

I'm not a super fan of Wonder Woman but when I saw the clothing collection by Her Universe I just had to share it (along with some other brands when it comes to accessories). I might have to get myself at least one of the dresses. I am in looooove with that black lasso dress.

Friday, May 19, 2017

What's Been Giving Me A Nerd On Lately #2

I really enjoyed typing up the first what's been giving me a nerd on lately post so I decided to make another one. And lets face the obvious, I always got myself a nerd on for something! So these kind of post will keep on showing up now and then. Because I am and foremost a fangirl.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who was 4 years old who was taken to the cinema for the very first time in her life by her mom and her older sister. They watched Beauty & The Beast and she thought it was amazing. And almost 26 years later it is still her favorite Disney movie and she got to see a live action movie thanks to today's nerdy community and what they crave.

Even if I didn't think this movie wasn't as "wow" like most seemed to think it's an amazing movie. And for the little story time above it is close to my heart. But I believe since I treasure this movie so much and have for so long it is hard to satisfy me to 100%.

Any of my readers that's a F&F fan? Because I'm feeling damn lonely in my usual crowd...I am in love with these movies and I love the last 3 of them because of Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham joining the cast, I enjoy the whole storyline that's lead up to this one.

I as a fan found it painful not to have Paul in it who sadly passed away so I can't even imagine how painful it was for the cast. But they did an amazing job! I love the action scenes and I love the new whole "Dom has switched side" theme. Ya'll know I like them bad boys hehe.

What I don't like is the inconsistency in the storyline but that seems to be the new thing in the movie world for the past 1-2 years because I feel that way in every know what I mean?

Any other Prison Break fans out there? I love this show! And the sequel airing right now is so badass and I am in love. I've always loved the combo with Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller even in DC Legends of Tomorrow + Flash. But yes so far it is all good. I like the theme, the build up and even if I'd like to have more of Teddy (because hellooo Robert Knepper) I'm satisfied so far.

What are your nerd ons lately?

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Top 3 Rain Sounds That Helps Me Sleep

I really love a good sound to help me focus better and some to help me sleep etc. I wanted to make a favorite post with them but realized all my Top 3 are rain sounds when it comes to sleeping...They help me fall asleep like a baby and let me tell you that ain't an easy task. I've always loved the rain falling towards a surface around bedtime because damn I get so relaxed. So here's my Top 3!

I found most on YouTube that helps me best and yes they are hours long meaning your battery will die but if you just fast forward until there's like an hour left of the video it's all good. Just make sure it's not set on starting the next video by itself.

Do you have sounds that help you relax better?

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

60 TV Shows To Check Out

Everybody loves a good TV show to watch. I try to always have one (or a 100) show that I'm currently watching on hand. My biggest problem is that I have too many and not enough time...So I thought I'd list 60 TV Shows for you to check out! I kept those who aren't my personal favorites in the list, because everyone's different and maybe my meh is your wow.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Life Through Instagram Stories

I've been using Instagram Stories more and more, I update that more often than my actual feed (that I need to get back on track on *nervous laugh*). So I figured why not share them in the blog? Great and fun way to save them since they go away from Instagram after 24 hours and at the same time I let you get a sneak peek into my day-to-day life.

April 24th

Coffee Monday @TheOfffice and I am still obsessed with that damn amazing song.
Love a good sing-a-long with it!

What is daily life with a little nerd happiness? NOTHING!
My new oversized TWD tee arrived that I bought on Ali Express a few weeks ago.

May 2nd
The weather picked up a bit after a whole lot of rain...and snow.
Like Sweden had snow in June a few years back so it's normal but
Spring needs to get here and stay, now.

May 4th
I went to our main office in Eskilstuna last week which was super fun!
The plan is to make it happen more often and I don't mind the 1 ½ hour bus ride there at all.
It's badass for both the motivation and health wise to work with the team IRL.
I am obsessed with my new TWD tee fyi it's so damn comfy!

Once I arrived I spent most of the day prepping orders to help out with the order load.
Worked a bit later than normal but ended the day with sushi night and girl talk with the co-worker I stayed with over the night, it was super nice!

May 5th
Fri-Yay in Eskilstuna! I said goodbye to the crew that was still around before jumping on the bus home where I decided to get off a few stops earlier and walk home. It was so warm and amazing out!

May 6th
When my sister called asking if I wanted to join in on some grocery shopping I said yes. Because I needed food and also I had two packages waiting for me to pick them up. One containing my new Negan dress. I am in love with this dress, I want to marry this dress. Yes, just yes.

May 9th
I work at a computer 99,9% of the time. And I also have my work place at an office so when it's time for lunch I try to at least take a walk after I've eaten and also run a few errands if needed since I have my office in town. This day it was a nerdy errand in the form of finally picking up Prey that came out last week. And of course a little Treat Yo Self happiness.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

4 Tips To Survive The Allergy Season

Has the hay fever of this year struck you yet? Mine always start early because I'm more sensitive to the first pollen that arrives. I thought I'd give you 4 little tips on how to survive it or at least making the surviving part a little easier.

Know Your Weaknesses!
You're usually more sensitive and react a whole lot more to a certain sort of pollen type. For me, the birch tree and grass are my biggest enemies. Who also often collide sometime around June/July making it twice as bad. Know your weakness and make sure you prepare for them.

Keep Track of The Pollen Reports.
I am not actually sure if all countries have these but here in Sweden along with the weather broadcast there's also a report on the pollen level for the day. They also warn if it's extra high. So I tend to keep an eye on those reports because on the days when it's extra high I usually need to double my medicine dose.

Research Medication.
I have to take a pill (sometimes two) every day from around March-September to have some level of life quality when my hayfever hits. After two years of spending 149kr-300kr each month on medication I stumbled upon a much cheaper brand, which honestly even work better. So do some research and you may save some money! The one I switch to only cost me around 50kr-100kr per month now. Also the larger pack (they come in either 10 pills or 30 here) is usually better priced.

Take Your Meds Before Makeup Time.
If you wear makeup then make sure you take your medication before putting it on! We all know that those watering eyes will fuck everything up. I find that if I take it about an hour at least before putting my makeup on it helps, a lot. Yeah my eyes are still a bit itchy but they are that anyhow, the bonus is that they don't water up and start running making you look like a raccoon before you even leave your home.

I've manage my allergies without involving any doctors so far and the medicine they have at the pharmacy for everyone is enough for me. But I do recommend that you contact a doctor and get more help if you find that it's not enough for you finding that you have more severe hay fever problems.