Wednesday, May 10, 2017

4 Tips To Survive The Allergy Season

Has the hay fever of this year struck you yet? Mine always start early because I'm more sensitive to the first pollen that arrives. I thought I'd give you 4 little tips on how to survive it or at least making the surviving part a little easier.

Know Your Weaknesses!
You're usually more sensitive and react a whole lot more to a certain sort of pollen type. For me, the birch tree and grass are my biggest enemies. Who also often collide sometime around June/July making it twice as bad. Know your weakness and make sure you prepare for them.

Keep Track of The Pollen Reports.
I am not actually sure if all countries have these but here in Sweden along with the weather broadcast there's also a report on the pollen level for the day. They also warn if it's extra high. So I tend to keep an eye on those reports because on the days when it's extra high I usually need to double my medicine dose.

Research Medication.
I have to take a pill (sometimes two) every day from around March-September to have some level of life quality when my hayfever hits. After two years of spending 149kr-300kr each month on medication I stumbled upon a much cheaper brand, which honestly even work better. So do some research and you may save some money! The one I switch to only cost me around 50kr-100kr per month now. Also the larger pack (they come in either 10 pills or 30 here) is usually better priced.

Take Your Meds Before Makeup Time.
If you wear makeup then make sure you take your medication before putting it on! We all know that those watering eyes will fuck everything up. I find that if I take it about an hour at least before putting my makeup on it helps, a lot. Yeah my eyes are still a bit itchy but they are that anyhow, the bonus is that they don't water up and start running making you look like a raccoon before you even leave your home.

I've manage my allergies without involving any doctors so far and the medicine they have at the pharmacy for everyone is enough for me. But I do recommend that you contact a doctor and get more help if you find that it's not enough for you finding that you have more severe hay fever problems.

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