Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Games I Own But Haven't Gamed Yet

I am currently on my yearly summer vacation off work, meaning 4 weeks where I'm free as a bird. And like every year ever since I bought my first Playstation I game. A lot. I go to bed like 5AM every damn day yo.

I am currently hooked on The Division again and I'm running around in the DZ zone like there's no tomorrow. So all the games I planned on finally gaming during these four weeks haven't been gamed, as usual. So I thought a Games I Own But Haven't Gamed Yet post was due.

This is in a Games I Want To Play post that I posted over two years ago. I own this game. And I fucking love Alien but I haven't gotten around to gaming it yet. What is wrong with meeee? This is probably the most shocking one out of the three games in this post.

Newest released game by Betheseda. A game I pre-booked and skipped on down to Gamestop being really excited to finally get my hands on it. Have I installed it and checked it out? No, it's still in the plastic. I do this a lot. Mainly because I'm always all "Just gonna game this a bit..." and a bit doesn't exist in my world when it comes to gaming.

This game is in the same post that I mentioned related to Alien: Isolation. I bought it on Steam during their Christmas sale 2014 but I haven't gamed it yet. Probably because I hate gaming on my PC...So I should buy it for my Playstation and maybe I'll finally get around to gaming it.

What games do you own but haven't gotten to gaming yet?
Because I sure fucking hope I'm not alone in doing this...

I usually know if I'm going to game it straight away or not when buying it but I am one of those people who want to own a game that I know that I really wanna game. So that if I want to jump into it in the middle of the night, I can. I know you can purchase and download games through PSN Store but I'm a memory hoarder. Memory space is precious shit and I do not waste it if I can help it. It's gold, baby!

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