Friday, September 1, 2017

TV Shows Tag

I stumbled upon this tag over on Kayley Hyde's YouTube channel and decided to have a go at it! Some of these questions can be filled into an eternity but I decided to do my best to keep it some what short so there for some (well many) favs in different areas will be missing.

  1. Favorite Shows?
    Woooooooow...WOW...Ok I am going to try and not use up all of my post space for this question...
    Walking Dead, Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Z Nation, Hannibal, True Blood, Heroes, Lost, Firefly, Hemlock Grove, OZ, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Scream, Daredevil, Arrow, DC Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, Black Sails, The 100, Dexter, The Expanse, Teen Wolf...I'm gonna stop now but yes I have more.

  2. Favorite Genre?
    Horror and Sci-Fi. If they are mixed in a pretty nerdy ball it's even better.

  3. Least Favorite Show?
    But I don't watch shows if I'm not 11000% in love...

  4. Most Rewatched Show/Favorite Show To Binge Watch?
    Gilmore Girls and Hannibal. I watch both on a regular basis. I've rewatched Hannibal 10 times this year already...I may have an addiction. And Gilmore Girls has been on loop ever since I bought the box many years ago.

  5. Do You Prefer Watching Things Week-By-Week or Binge-Watching?
    If it's a show I'm re-watching then the only way to go is Binge-Watch. I got my routines down for that one. And I'm real slow to check shows out so it always starts with a binge-watch.
    If it's a show that's still airing (for example Walking Dead) I prefer it week-by-week. It's a huge motivation for me every week and I know I'll get a nerdy fix that day. So I get torn to say the least when Netflix releases a whole season with some of their shows.

  6. Favorite Television Characters?
    I just got hit my a million fangirl feels in a split second haha...I have my darlings in each fandoms but here's a few:
    Castiel, Papa Winchester, Crowley, Lucifer and Dean (Supernatural).
    Negan, Daryl & Rick (Walking Dead).
    Jon, Daenerys & Arya (Game of Thrones).
    Spike (Buffy The Vampire Slayer).
    Alcide, Eric Northman, Sookie (True Blood).

  7. Favorite Television Ships?
    Luke and Lorelai (Gilmore Girls).
    Buffy and Spike (Buffy The Vampire Slayer).
    Angel and Cordelia (Angel).Rick and Michonne (Walking Dead).
    Hannibal and Will (Hannibal).
    Eric and Sookie (True Blood).

  8. Show You Could Never Get Into?
    I honestly can't think of one. I've been a fangirl my whole life meaning I know what I'll enjoy and what I won't so 10 out of 10 shows I check out I do watch. It's more common I fall out of love with one for different reasons as the show progress.

  9. Show You Fell Out of Love With?
    Vampire Diaries. I was in love up over my ears for seasons with this show but then I just hit kind of a "meh" level. And I've tried rewatching it more than once and the same thing happens.

  10. Cancelled Too Soon?
    Firefly!!! I will never forgive you FOX, NEVER!

  11. Guilty Pleasure Show?
    I watch a lot of shows but none is a guilty pleasure. That's what I love about fangirling, there's always a crew of all fandoms out there :)

  12. What Are You Currently Watching?
    As of right now since most of my shows are on hold it's all about Game of Thrones, yes I'm behind hush now. I am also currently watching The Mist, Outcast, Damien, The Defenders and also thinking about rewatching Lost.

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